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  1. Anyone heard anything from the Army active duty, Mar-Apr boards?
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  3. by   jeckrn
    If you went to the March board you should have heard by now. If it is the April board anytime now. The results usally are released 10-14 days after they meet. You need to call your recruiter. Good Luck
  4. by   LZRN
    Anyone herd any thing from the latest active duty Army Nurse Corps board?
  5. by   Waiting_28
    Here's the story: The Army is in the process of updating their application process. This has the April board decisions held up. However, the Army has set Tuesday, May 5th as the deadline to have results out. So, you should hear something by then. My app is held up in this right now too. I met with my recruiter Friday and she said May 5th was the date. I guess they release each speciality separate (i.e. Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists) so your result could be behind one of the others. That's the story.
  6. by   LZRN
    Got the word yesterday i'm selected and should commission this week!
  7. by   olderthandirt2
    HooaH!!!! Congrats
  8. by   jeckrn
    Congrats!!! :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:When do you leave for OBLC?
  9. by   LZRN
    Thanks guys! I don't know when OBLC will be yet, hopefully sooner than later, is July the last date this year?. I had to fill out another security/background questionare today that is suppose to be new to the process, my rec still seems to think I will commission this week.
  10. by   athena55
    Welcome to the Fold!
  11. by   markisrn
    Forgive my lack of knowledge here. I am pretty much regurgitating what I was just told by a recruiter, so this may be second hand BS. I have a question regaring my "scroll" as it was called by my Rec.(not really sure what that means) My Packet went before the board, but I got word today that the board calculated my constructive credit and resubmitted my "scroll" to congress for recommended appointment as a 1st LT instead of 2nd LT, how it was originally submitted. My recruiter supposedly shoud have sent the packet with a "scroll lock" at 1st LT to begin with. The way I understand it, this won't hold up my appointment, but could delay my commission up to 45 days. Does anyone know more about this than what I was just told. It's great to get 1st LT, I am pleased, but more delay....yikes. I have put in for STRAP and have started school last week, thinking that the 6 months that I have allowed for this process to complete would be enough, but alas it's not, so at this point every week I am not comissioned cheats me out of about 450 bucks. I called my senator and they had someone call back who said that they would try to expedite the process. Hope it works. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
  12. by   olderthandirt2
    Hi Markisrn,

    Are you reserve or active? I believe reserve orders take longer than active, but........ Congrats on your commission...pending!

    I don't know how long this (senator approval) portion of the accession timeline takes, but below is a breakdown of "the accession process".

    The highlights of the Recruitment Timeline for Army Amedd AC/RC accession (from an ako website):

    Recruitment Process: Application
    Recruiter conducts the appointment with the potential applicant and determines basic eligibility

    Recruiter arranges a physical examination date and forwards the applicant’s CV to the respective USAREC HSD Program Manager for basic eligibility determination

    Applicant passes physical and works with recruiter and personnel technician to complete application

    Recruitment Process: Quality Review

    Application is forwarded to USAREC HSD for review (Application Deadline, Board Ready dates)

    Application is reviewed at USAREC HSD and any mistakes are annotated as “Call-Outs” to the Recruiting Field

    CV, NPDB, LORs, and any other pertinent information is forwarded to consultant for review and recommendation

    Errors are completed and packet is prepared for accessions board

    During this period, any waivers that are needed (age, age in grade, moral waiver etc.) are sent to OTSG/ Corps CSPBO for recommendation

    Recruitment Process: Selection Board

    Board generally takes three days to complete IAW USAREC HSD Boards schedule
    Waivers are usually sent to final approval authorities during the selection board

    Results are normally published a week after board adjourns depending on waiver approval

    Board results are sent via email to the HRC Branch Manager, HSD Staff, and USAREC AMEDD Recruiting Detachments

    After Selection:

    USAREC HSD prepares select letters for applicants and prepares applicant’s packet for HRC

    HRC Career Managers receive required information to construct appointment letter, RFO, and secure OBC reservation

    Once RFO is completed, HRC Career Managers notify HRC-ST Louis that RFO complete

    USAREC HSD Program Manager forwards commissioning documents and additional accession documents to HRC ST. Louis to begin OMPF

    USAREC HSD receives appointment and assignment orders from HRC ST. Louis and sends to applicant and recruiting detachment

    AMEDD Recruiters assist their officers in making PCS arrangements (transportation, ID cards, uniforms)

    Officer reports to their respective unit or OBC

    USAREC HSD Program Manager accounts for the accession upon the officers initial entry to the Active Component or Army Reserve

    Hope this helps!

  13. by   zombie
    I went to Feb boards. And they put me in the OCT OBLC date. July was full I guess.
  14. by   markisrn

    thanks for your detailed breakdown on the process. Very helpful! To answer your question, I am reserves. I am also prior service 11B, infantry from 1981-87. Got out as an E-5. Now at 46 years old, I am proud to be able to serve again as a nurse. Your help and encouragement are appreciated.