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  1. by   LZRN
    Looks like I will be going in Oct too.

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    I went to Feb boards. And they put me in the OCT OBLC date. July was full I guess.
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    thanks for your detailed breakdown on the process. Very helpful! To answer your question, I am reserves. I am also prior service 11B, infantry from 1981-87. Got out as an E-5. Now at 46 years old, I am proud to be able to serve again as a nurse. Your help and encouragement are appreciated.
    Sounds like you have over 4 years active so you will come in as an O1E, O2E based on your nursing experience. Good luck
  3. by   deemo21
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    Forgive my lack of knowledge here. I am pretty much regurgitating what I was just told by a recruiter, so this may be second hand BS. I have a question regaring my "scroll" as it was called by my Rec.(not really sure what that means) My Packet went before the board, but I got word today that the board calculated my constructive credit and resubmitted my "scroll" to congress for recommended appointment as a 1st LT instead of 2nd LT, how it was originally submitted. My recruiter supposedly shoud have sent the packet with a "scroll lock" at 1st LT to begin with. The way I understand it, this won't hold up my appointment, but could delay my commission up to 45 days. Does anyone know more about this than what I was just told. It's great to get 1st LT, I am pleased, but more delay....yikes. I have put in for STRAP and have started school last week, thinking that the 6 months that I have allowed for this process to complete would be enough, but alas it's not, so at this point every week I am not comissioned cheats me out of about 450 bucks. I called my senator and they had someone call back who said that they would try to expedite the process. Hope it works. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.

    Congratulations! I commissioned Army reserves last week with the STRAP stipend and start school next week Tuesday. In terms of waiting for your stipend to kick in to help pay for the costs of school I was told not to expect anything until end of July/early August. Depending on the cost of your program it could be a lot of money that you wil have to be paying out of pocket right now. When the money does kick in I was told that they also include the money retroactively (from your commission date). Good luck!
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    Dear Deemo21,

    Congrats on comissioning last week! What boards did your packet go to, April, May? I am curious why I haven't heard more.
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    I'm still waiting... recruiter called me last week... waiting for approval of rank (CPT) and I think we're still waiting on the age waiver.
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    I'm still waiting... recruiter called me last week... waiting for approval of rank (CPT) and I think we're still waiting on the age waiver.

    Reserve I hope, or that "wait" could be very long. They have just "stopped granting age waivers" for active duty nurses. (unless you are 42 or younger.....or have prior service to subtract from your age.)

    good luck
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    Deemo21 - I just sent a friend request to try and PM you, but because I have no history of posts...I can't.

    Anyway, I'm looking for any knowledgeable STRAP recipients who can give me any advices on when I might be able to expect my first STRAP stipend payment. I'm almost done with my summer semester and will enroll in August for start date of 24th and hoping to use stipend to pay enrollment fees rather than continued student loans.

    I just commissioned as a 2LT in Army Reserve as a STRAP recipient and intend to finish school (BSN) by Aug 2010. I got my RN (ADN) back in July 2008 and have been working as a med/surg nurse for 1 year.

    Anyway, just curious if you had received your first STRAP stipend including backpay yet? I'm wondering how soon you got your enrollment forms to HRC-St Louis (including w-2 and dd1199) - if that makes all the difference.

    I am the first STRAP enrollee my health recruiter and her office has ever put through the process, so we are both learning as we go. She has done a GREAT job...considering I first spoke with her back in January and got my application to her by Feb. We submitted initially to March board, but my school was late with the enrollment verification, so it was pushed back to April and I commissioned the end of April. I think your recruiter probably initiated getting your enrollment forms asap, we did things in pieces - but I'm curious how soon you got stuff in.

    Here's a timeline of my personal document submissions:

    - Packet went to board April 14th. Got confirmation of acceptance April 22nd.
    - She faxed my DA 71 to my husband (AF active duty officer and I was Commissioned April 22nd by him at his squadron.)

    - Signed Strap enrollment forms and contract electronically on April 29th and I kept paper printed copies. Did NOT fill out W-2 and DD 1199A at this my recruiter wanted to wait until my orders came through.

    - Started RN-BSN program May 18th.

    - May 12th - Got a letter directly to me congratulating me and instructing me to print forms from AKO and forward STRAP enrollment forms immediately to HRC but no access to AKO yet.

    -AKO account access delayed until June 1st when I got a guest account from my health recruiter.

    -Found my orders posted June 11th on my AKO/Reserve Personnel File and my account finally became official - no longer guest account.

    -June 18th, got email from STRAP credenital rep who requested my license and certifications and to sign a demographics form (EEO style) and okay background check. Faxed back that day.

    - Forwarded my Enrollment forms to HR-St Louis on June 18th and called them to confirm they DID receive them on June 25th.

    So...with all this you think my STRAP stipend will be delayed because I didn't physically get it to them until just last week? Would they try to hurry to push things through since I've been commissioned since April and started school in May?

    You mentioned pay probably wouldn't start until end of July/early August is that based off of your enrollment form send off date?

    Just wondering if it's possible to get July 15th for pay to start or even Aug 1st. I'd rather not start end of August, or I will have to set up financial aid first to pay for school as Aug 15th will be too late.

    Sorry for the long post, hoping to get answers since no real posts addressed this.
    On Studentdoctor forum, military stipends started within 2 weeks of submitting W-2 and DD (also submitted HRC-St Louis.)...but I think they like to treat the MDs with a bit more royalty.

    Thanks for any input...
  8. by   deemo21
    Hello. I still have not received my STRAP Pay. I was comissioned at the end of April too. At the commissioning I signed all my forms including the strap enrollment. I submitted my w-4 and direct deposit within 3 days. I was told that around 30-45 days after I receive my orders I would start receiving pay. If I find out more I will let you know. I just got my orders about 1.5 weeks ago.