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  1. deemo21

    Military CRNA Advice

    Try the Army route. The US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia (USAGPAN) allows you apply to the school directly as a civilian. You go into the school as an active duty student and get paid while attending their program. Some AF students also attend this program, although their entry is different, as you stated above. Unless you feel that you HAVE to go through the Air Force, this is a good option.
  2. deemo21

    Trauma Levels

    Level I and II trauma centers will likely have patients requiring a higher level of care. There are a lot of factors that go into a facility and their trauma designation, but in my research it seems to depend on the program that you are applying to. Depending on where you want to go, call or email the program directors in that area and see what they recommend. Sometimes it seems that some CRNA schools want ICU experience, some schools want high quality ICU experience at trauma centers. It will also depend on the rest of your stats, if you have really good grades, CCRN, good GRE scores if required, good LORs, this may not mean so much. Hopefully I have been helpful, even if I am not yet enrolled in CRNA school. -D
  3. deemo21

    Online Prerequisites for PA school?

    The reason that you may not have found the answer to your question yet is that this website Allnurses.com, is typically full of people who want to be nurses, or are already nurses, or are advancing their nursing career. Maybe try University of New England online for prerequisite PA courses.
  4. deemo21

    Pass CCRN!! What scores were you getting?

    http://www.greatnurses.com/exp/ DVD $150
  5. deemo21

    August BOLC

    I am going to the August Reserve component BOLC. I am not sure if they are combined with the active component for a portion of the training. I will be in Texas though.
  6. deemo21

    usajobs website not convenient for applying for jobs

    When you scan it you need to reduce the resolution and it will be saved as a smaller file. It will not be as clear to read, but it will be smaller.
  7. deemo21

    Preparing for BOLC

    I am in the same boat as ad33088 and am hoping that my pay will also not be delayed during my Aug OBLC training for reserves. I believe that since we are in Mypay already it shouldn't be a problem. The thing is that we may not be getting travel pay until about 30 days. We would use our government travel card for authorized expenses, i.e. lodging, until our travel pay kicked in. I am not sure what the case is though...but I have a mortgage to pay...
  8. deemo21

    Army Nurse Killed in Afghanistan

    Rest in Peace CPT McClimans, condolences to the family. From what has been posted so far, it seems that he was a wonderful family man and a fine officer. Thank you for your service
  9. If you were applying for a staff nurse position, if the hospital offered a differential for a MSN you would be eligible. I don't believe that you would make a tremendous increase in pay because of your MSN. Your experience may make you a better candidate than someone else. If you completed a master's degree program and became a nurse practitioner with military and flight experience, it would be great to use that experience to apply for a position as a nurse practitioner as opposed to a staff nurse. But that's just my opinion. As I understand it, the ACNP at Case Western is still an acute care NP program, it just has the added benefit of having a few classes that include flight specific concerns for nursing practice.
  10. deemo21

    Army Reserves and OBLC 2011/ STRAP program Q's

    OBLC dates can be found on ATTRS. Ask your recruiter for help with that.
  11. deemo21

    Army Female Engagement Teams/Cultural Support Team

    This seems like a great advancement opportunity! I wonder how many nurses are involved... What kind of training did you go through for the 5 days Scooty Puff?
  12. deemo21

    EHR in NJ

    We use Epic at Hackensack Univ. Med Ctr.
  13. The active duty incentives and reserve component incentives are two different entities. When I was looking into STRAP initially, I was told that you will have to pay back all reserve incentives received if you were going to seek Active duty (loan repayments, stipends, etc.). This is if you did not complete your service obligation period after receiving the stipend. By becoming an active duty service member there are separate incentives for it though. The other option is to see if there are any AGR positions available. These positions are for reserve and guard members, but are full-time positions. Good luck
  14. deemo21

    Trying to enter BSTRAP program

    I heard that they may be closing entry into the BSN STRAP program after the last board closed earlier this year. Have any recruiters mentioned anything?
  15. deemo21

    aug oblc

    I will be there too! See you then.