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I was just wondering if any Navy Hospital Corpsman were on this site. I just got out of the Navy and have passed my NCLEX-PN exam. I would love to talk to any current or former HMs that have passed... Read More

  1. by   Gdoc_2/5
    i'm currently an HM3 with 2nd Battalion 5th Marines Golf Co,
    it's pretty much the best duty i've had while in the navy. but it's just about time to say goodbye to long deployements and field time and move on to bigger and better things... which brings me to a subject maybe some of you can help me with. does anyone know how to go about getting your LVN/LPN through the navy? i've heard of people challenging "the board" and taking an exam but no one seems to know how to go about this. any help would be greatly appreciated.(side note: i've been stationed at cherry point, nc, lemoore, ca, and now at camp pendleton if anyone has ever served there)
  2. by   sherichance
    Another veteran Navy HM here. I went to school in Great Lakes and let me tell you, the school was challenging at times. I think they train the HM's alot better now. More knowledge, hands on training and it doesnt really matter if its so fast paced, 16 weeks as I recall. I loved being a HM. However, I have worked with some HM's who didnt give 2 cents about anyone and they were just there because its a popular rate. I fully feel for the poster who had to get out of the service because of the 10 year rank advancement. It seems almost impossible to become a E5 in less than 10 years, unless you went in as an E3 like me. My husband was a MS and had to get out because he couldnt make E5 fast enough. What a pain.

    But good luck to anyone who is looking to go back to civilian life after military life and being a medic/HM.
  3. by   robzanrn46
    Hi everyone,
    I also was a Corpsman- class 82-005!That was 1982 and I was active duty from 81-85.It took me awhile but in 1988 I challenged the LPT board in CA and passed first try.I worked for many years as a CNA and LPT then got tired of psych and took the LVN exam and passed this too-2003!I then went the Excelsior College route and finally at 46 years of age I got my ASN and just passed the NCLEX-RN too!!.I am so pleased and am thankful to the many folks who have helped me and inspired me along the way and especially to the Navy for teaching me the right way of doing things.I am open to making new friends here in San Diego,Calif-any corpsman out there who want to communicate and help further education-I am considering doing my BSN.Am also open to helping others with Excelsior questions/advice.Such a great site-I am glad I joined.Later Robert
  4. by   Harleyhead
    yo Robert, I retired HMC went the LPN route then to then regents college. Been a rn for 9 years now and enjoy the pay. The BSN does not mean much unless you want to go into managment. I been there done that it still sucks. So I will just hang out untill retirement again. Good luck bro.
  5. by   Harleyhead
    Go online and go the board of nursing you should find all you need to know good luck
  6. by   OCNavyHM
    this is my first post on here. Im 17 and i joined the Navy in August. Im currently inrolled in the Navy DEP program. Im going to be a HM and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me how life really was like. What did you do? Did you really like it? where didyou get to go during your Navy Career?
    Oh i have some more questions if anyone can help me out with them. i would really like to talk to people who have actually been through this whole transition from Civilan to Salior.
    Thank You
  7. by   OCNavyHM
    if i dont come on and someone wants to talk to me you can also email me minicake13@hotmail.comthank you
  8. by   NAVY RN
    Prior Enlisted HM3

    Great Lakes HM Class 97-230!
  9. by   devildoc023
    I was an HM3 stationed in Great Lakes up until I blew out my knee in April of 2004 and I was medically discharged. I am having a hard time finding jobs that will except my expeirence. I live in Texas and as far as I know I can not challenge any nursing exams. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know. I am now without work and am franticly looking! Thanks, Mike
  10. by   gerry79
    Have you checked with the Texas BON? You may be able to challenge the board and become an LVN/LPN with your experience. Also you may be able to obtain a position as a Patient Care Tech.
  11. by   devildoc023
    No I have not checked that, but I will now. Thank you very much for you help.
  12. by   DanznRN

    When did you get stationed at Great Lakes? I was a nurse in the ICU from SEP 2000 - SEP 2002, just curious. Where di d you work?

    LCDR(s) Dan
  13. by   rnharley
    I was a Reserve HM(8404) with an ASN so when the Navy told me they were not interested in me obtaining my BSN and becoming a Navy Nurse I made a huge mistake and jumped to the USANC-Reserve. When I was activated for Desert Storm, man I wished I stayed in the Navy. I would have felt safe humping through the Desert with a platoon of Marines then I did with the medical unit I ws with. Is there anyone out there who served as a Warant Officer Nurse in the USN? I was to take the 6 th such billet, according to my recruiter, but Desert Storm got in the way.