Any Active Air Force Reservist?

  1. 1. I was just accepted into the Air Force Reserves as an Operating Room Nurse. I want to know if anybody has any experience with the process on requesting for deployments. For example, if there is a list of open slots with another unit I can get attached to (example - Japan, Korea, etc). How do I go about finding where the potential deployments would be?

    2. The offered included a $45k bonus @ $15k/year for the first 3 years. After the 3rd year can I reapply for the bonus again? I know in the Army Reserves ICU nurses were able to reapply for their bonuses every 3 years @ $75k ($25/year).

    3. I was just told we have to purchase our own uniforms (dress blues/ABUs X2). Is there any particular websites or locations for discounted uniforms? I am in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Looking forward to your responses.
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  3. by   jfratian
    Japan and Korea aren't deployments. Those are permanent duty stations that happen to be overseas. Historically, a common deployment location for Air Force OR nurses is Bagram Air Base near Kabul, Afghanistan.

    You can't generally predict where or when deployments will be. Often it varies based on what's going on in the world. Unfortunately, that type of information is sensitive and not publicly available. You simply need to talk to your supervision after you join the Air Force to really get a sense for the deployment frequencies, needs, and locations. In general, the deployment tempo is slow right now.

    The bonuses are changing all the time. I'm active so I don't know what the reserve bonuses are right now. Typically, there is an accession bonus (i.e. sign-on bonus) for you initial 3-6 year contract. Then, there are incentive special payments (i.e. retention bonuses) for when you sign subsequent contracts. You might very well get 15K per year for your sign-on. In 3-4 years when your contract is up, you might find out the retention bonus is more or less than it is right now.
  4. by   nurse2033
    Get your uniforms at the nearest base. They will know how to sew on the insignia and rank. You can wait until COT, they will help you get uniforms there. I would get 2 sets of ABUs to start. You will also have to order name tape.

    Once you are qualified and though schools your unit will let you know about deployments. Good luck.
  5. by   tsipareht
    Are you currently in the Air Force Reserves?
  6. by   tsipareht
    jfratian, are you also in the AF Reserves right now?
  7. by   jfratian
    No, I am active duty.
  8. by   Vona86
    I'm a Air Force Reservist and I got my ABUs from US Patriot Tactical | Tactical Boots, Uniforms & Gear for Active Duty Military & Law Enforcement mainly because I live 2 hours away from the base. They sew everything on for you so it comes ready to wear.
  9. by   nurse2033
    I'm Guard, almost the same thing.