AMEDD BOLC July 2011 Fort Sam Houston Roll Call - page 2

Just wondering who is going to the July BOLC at Fort Sam Houston this summer? Job: 70B Status: Army Reserve Transportation: Driving my own car... Read More

  1. by   jeckrn
    [quote=LunahRN;5063553]I have a blog here on allnurses that I've been doing ...

    The thing I would emphasize for you most right now is hydration. Make sure you have a Camelback for the field. We had a few heat injuries during the first week, and this is only April! Granted, it was about 100 degrees and very humid, and we were out in the sun all day on the firing range with limited shade. But hydration is SO IMPORTANT. Take it very, very seriously because you do not want to get recycled.

    At the very end of my BOLC blogging, I think I'll make a list of "100 things I wish I knew before I went to BOLC." [/quo

    Hydration is very important. Make sure you start drinking extra fluids at least 2 weeks before you arrive to Ft. Sam. Also, you will need about 2-3 weeks to accliamtize(SP) to the heat. Ft. Sam in July can be horrible.

    See you at Ft. Stewart soon. When is your report date & have you found a place to live yet? John
  2. by   ad33088
    bought my camelback today! ty for all the 411, and HOOAH!
  3. by   traumaRN1908
    So not to beat a dead horse... Listen to Lunah, and heed the advice. (We are roommates, so no need for double posts LOL) I am trying to cut down on her Allnurses work load, because I need her to work for me
    Take the hydration seriously, be responsible for your own health. However, if for some reason, you start to feel bad, TELL SOMEONE! The last thing you want to do is risk your life, or long term health for an Army course. Nothing is worth that, and that is the take away message that all of the instructors will give you in the field. Most of them are retired 1SG's, so they played this game for a while, and have been training soldiers for a very long time.

    PT, PT, PT. You don't have to be a stud, but you need to pass. No if, and or but why. Unfortunately the Army has been and will continue to be an organization that equates your overall performance with your physical ability. Not to debate the right or wrong of this, but it just is. If you can not pass your PT Test, it will bring negative attention to yourself.

    Attitude. Remember you are coming to a place where mostly everyone is Type A+, Everyone is at a different stage in their life, so you will have many different perspectives, outlooks and opinions. Take it with a grain of salt, don't take it personal. Be courteous to your classmates when offering a correction on uniform, appearance, military bearing etc. It is a very small Army, AMEDD is even smaller, and you will see your BOLC buddies again.

    Partying. Have fun, enjoy San Antonio, but remember that you will see these people again...don't be a jackass.

    Parting words, don't be that guy, or that girl
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  4. by   tigerfly11
    Hello Everyone!!

    I also will be attending BOLC in July and I will be driving my POV. Where are you guys PCSing afterwards? Anyone going to Korea? Hope you all are doing PT!
  5. by   ad33088
    WOOT! Got official orders Friday!!!!
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from jeckrn
    See you at Ft. Stewart soon. When is your report date & have you found a place to live yet? John
    I'll be there June 9! Have not found a place to live, but I've been eyeballing houses on AHRN and I have the name of a real estate agent. Can't wait to get there!
  7. by   ad33088
    Got appt. for the movers to come, and my plane ticket to TX for BOLC!
  8. by   paynedr12
    Just received my orders last week, reporting July 13th!

    66H Active duty, heading to Fort Bragg after the course

  9. by   nevadabutterfly
    I got my official orders last week!! Reporting to BOLC July 13th. PCSing to Germany NLT 04OCT2011. I'M READY!!
  10. by   hrdwrkr713
    Hi everyone!

    I will be seeing you guys/gals there.
    Our report date is actually my birth day 7/13....Im praying thats a good sign:uhoh21:
  11. by   traumaRN1908
    Anyone going to Benning?
  12. by   acn5yc
    Going in July! Then onto Walter Reed. Can't wait to meet everyone and get this going.
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  13. by   ad33088
    I'll be @ Bragg also...66H, active duty