Air Force NTP 2018

  1. Hello, I saw that a lot of people talked about the USAF NTP 2017; looking for anyone who is applying for the 2018 year? And any information from those who have previously completed the program! Thanks!
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  3. by   jvanwoman
    Hello! I am applying for the 2018 year. Working on my application packet now. Are you going for Med-Surg, OB or OR? I am applying the Med-Surg route.
  4. by   Tishad87
    Hi! I'm on the fence. I never wanted to do med surg-But I'm not picky at this point given my situation :/ I graduated nursing school and my husband received orders to England! So we're still here until 2018. It's been heartbreaking to me for sure. I had my "dream" job offered and and I had to leave it behind. So yea not sure which path I want at the moment. I have to talk to an overseas recruiter who is stateside and he's horrible about replying! I keep emailing him and he'll say they've had server issues etc so I understand but it's like on going so I'm a little annoyed about it all.
  5. by   AFEAGLE78
    Hi! So I have a question.. supposing I were to graduate either May or December 2019, how soon should I start the application process for NTP? When should I start bugging the recruiter? Excited to embark on this journey Please advise
  6. by   jfratian
    You should start at least 12 months before graduation. They only take new grads once per year coinciding with May graduation...starting in June or July. If you graduate in December, you'll have get out and work for 6 months after graduation.
  7. by   AFEAGLE78
    I wonder how will it work in my case.. the university operates on "trimesters" and students don't finish in May.. more like in late June. Will I then have to wait until later to apply?
  8. by   jfratian
    I have no idea. Only a healthcare recruiter would know the answer. At worst, you'd have to work as a civilian RN for a year after graduation.
  9. by   tRN4L
    Hello! I am currently getting my things together and applying for med surg this year for NTP. I so far have finished my resume and questionnaire and think I just cleared MEPS ( though I will feel better once I hear that everything is good from my recruiter

    I applied last year but wasn't selected and was pretty discouraged. My interview went well but my BSN program ended in June and I passed the NCLeX right before the board met. I'm hoping with 10 months of rehab nursing and about 3 months in acute care by the time the board meets I will be a stronger candidate. Does anyone have any experience with reapplying? Any and all suggestions are very much so appreciated!
  10. by   AFEAGLE78
    Hi tRN4L,

    so, since that's the situation that I'll probably be in around June 2019, do you think having graduated in June and taking the NCLEX right before the board met was the reason you were not selected?

    When/What month did the board meet?

    I'm just trying to plan ahead since I will be kind of in a similar situation.

    Your advise is greatly appreciated
  11. by   tRN4L
    It's really hard to say exactly what the board looks for. Last year a couple hundred applied and something like22 applicants were selected for med surg unfortunately. I'm a big believer that if you keep pushing for something, eventually it'll work out. So I'm hoping with some more experience that will be the case- but even now I'm planning on applying FQ within the year if I don't get into the NTP. I would reccommend finding a job in a civilian hospital as soon as you can and just racking up experience. Also, if you are prior military or from a military family that helps. I'm sure that taking the NCLEX last minute wasn't super helpful, but at least my license was able to be attached to my packet at the last minute- but again, I really don't know if that helped or not. The board meets at end of June/beginning of July and last year released the names in beginning of August. My recruiter said this year they're supposed to meet around June 20 and release dates in mid July... but I wouldn't count on mid July lol
  12. by   sart87
    I am applying too! I am currently working on my dream sheet. How was MEPS? My recruiter said that they are trying a new program where you meet with a provider in your area and they decide whether you are eligible. Was the interview scary? I am afraid I will get tongue-tied.

    I won't be graduating until August due to my program being an accelerated second degree program. What kinds of certifications do you all have? I am debating on going for my ACLS but my time is short.
  13. by   tRN4L
    So yes they are doing that new program- I needed a waiver which luckily I was granted, but we just both decided I should go through meps for a better chance. It wasn't too bad- you just need to be polite and expect it to be run like a military establishment- because it really is. Also for the interview, it's more like Air Force based questions than nursing for NTP and I personally had a good experience with mine last year. From reading posts, it seems like everyone met with someone who was easy to talk to. You will be just fine just really have solid reasons for joining the Air Force, being a nurse in general- stuff like that. I may be getting my ACLS through my job before then and I have a few like little certifications from work but then just BLS, my license and my degrees. I actually asked about getting ACLS cerified last year to be more competitive and the CNO interviewing me told me just focus on the NCLEX. So I wouldn't stress too much over certifications- you are applying for a new nurse position! Good luck with the rest of your year
  14. by   sart87
    I guess the only part I am really anxious about is making my goal weight for MEPS. Does anyone have any pointers? I am only about 8lbs off. All I hear is focus on cardio.