Got a killer week coming up!

by essarge Member

Only a week and a half left before this semester is over.

Next week is a killer! This is my schedule:

Monday:A&P- Lab exam (cat), Lecture exam (muscles)

Tuesday: Psych exam, Plus a take home exam. Journal report for A&P

Wednesday:A&P- Lecture exam (nervous system)

Thursday:A&P Lecture exam (Senses), Review for final

Friday: A&P Final Lecture exam. This exam covers the first 16 chapters in A&P!!

OK...did someone mention that a weekend was coming up??? Wish me luck everone!!

Next semester starts July 3rd...Whoohoo A&P II!!! Math II, and Sociology.

Can't wait until summer is over!!! :rolleyes:

moni rn

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OMGoodness! What a week! :eek:

Try not to get stressed out! Remember, you can vent here at anytime! :)

Wow, that's alot of material to cover in a week! And 3 classes next summer session?! That's quite a course load! Good luck with your final exam! :)


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Hey Essarge:

Your upcoming week just made me sick to my stomach.... I feel for ya! You get all my respect for even taking A&P I & II in the summer.... my prayers are with you!!!

Good Luck :D


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Thanks for the thoughts everyone. I didn't go to psych tonight because I want to start studying for next week. Poor hubby wanted to take me out to eat tonight and go to a movie...sry guy!! Told him that next week would be fine though...gave him a rain check!! LOL!

I'll let you all know how it the way...I got signed off by the department director to start clinicals in the fall (phew, one less thing to worry about!! LOL!!)

Thanks again!!:D


So how's your killer week working out? Surviving it okay? My hubby knows all about the rainchecks...we're delaying going out for our anniversary until the break between summer sessions! Will this fall be your first semester of nursing courses? Let us know how your week is going! :)



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It's Friday and your killer week is over:) how did it go?


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Hope all went well....good luck!

Meghan Gilmore

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Congratulations for making it through Anatomy! I just passed Anatomy 3 (barely!) and now I am DONE with Anatomy! :D


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my killer week doesn't start until monday....i've already started studying....hubby is starting to call me "whatsername"! only kidding. exam stress hasn't set in yet...usually starts about a day before. guess this is going to be a strong exam stress week...gonna take lot's of vitamins!!!

i'll let you all know next week how things are going!!jan

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