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I am relieved and nervous! I'm going to start orientation a week from Monday, and I'll be starting in the newborn nursery, which I'm happy about. What I'm NOT happy about - working nights!!! That scares me. I'm a night person, but not an all-night person. And I'm a workout fanatic - 6 days a week if I can - so I think that's gonna go. I will probably work 4 days a week because the director is hung up on full time = 40 hours so I'll probably do 2 8s and 2 12s. So that leaves 3 days off a week to work out, and I'm afraid I'll be too tired.

BUT I know in this economy I'm lucky to have a job and I'm happy about the area I'll be in. I wouldn't mind tips though, on anything at all!

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Hi, congrats on the new job!

I just thought I would share, last summer I worked as a PCA doing 3 12's a week while training for my last year on a D1 sport team. I did a few weeks working nights as well and found that I was actually able to work out more the weeks I worked nights, probably because I had such a hard time sleeping through the day, I would get home from work aorun 8am, sleep until about 1-2 then be able to get about 1-2 hours of workout time in before eating dinner and heading to back to work at 6. When I worked days I was waking up at 5am, getting home around 8:30 or 9 and passing out at 10, I slept better at night therefore did not wake up at 3am to work out :lol2:

Anywhos I was tired but definately liked the night shift in terms of getting my workouts done...granted I was running the risk of being cut from my team of three years if I was not in shape so I had pretty good motivation despite exhaustion!

If your motivated though and enjoy it you will find something that works for you :-)


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Oh wow, that is awesome!!! Newborn nursery will be so great! Congrats!

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That's so awesome! I'm jealous!

I work nights and it took me about 6 solid months to get used to it. I go to the gym right after work in the morning. If I waiting till later I wouldn't go.

You'll figure out a schedule that will work for you.

Good luck!

congrats on the new job

Congrats again!! When I worked night back when i was in the military, I tended to work out just before work! Last Spring when i did my precptorship @ Reston, i was far too tired to work out in the morning! Normally my commute home from the hospital was like an hr (anywhere from 20 min to over an hour,lol) so was too wiped to workout by then. For the first while it will take ur body some time to adjust, but it will get better!

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I truly find night shift more conducive to working out than days: I'm on 12 hour days right now, and can only manage to workout on my days off, because I'm too exhausted rolling in at 8pm to even think about hitting the treadmill, and I'm definitely not getting up any earlier than I already have to in order to work out!

But working 12 hour nights, if I come home and go straight to bed, I rarely sleep past 3pm, so that gives me several hours before I have to leave for work. Which is why I keep telling my manager I can't wait to get back to nights!


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Congrats!!!!! I hope to find a job soon too!

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