Got an interview for ER!


I just wanted to say thank you for a previous post I made where I asked about contacting a recruiter I had not heard back from. Well, I took the great advice from RNs here to touch base with her again, and now I have an interview for next week!

I am so thrilled, I can barely sit still! Now of course, I will start worrying about what I will be asked during the ER interview, etc.etc....:smiley_aa


There is a thread about questions that were asked during interviews for a ER position. I made a post as well. Maybe reading that thread will help quiet the pre-interview nerves.

Maybe you will be able to add yet another "super" power to your list. :lol_hitti

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TY! hehe, I posted some time ago about interview questions and got some great responses, but search brings up lots of posts about ER specifically. Great info here, I don't know what I'd do without this resource.

Wow, I'm still on cloud nine, hopefully I will get the job after all this!;)

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Sometimes you have to bug them. They forget too. They already have a job so they aren't freaking over not calling you!

Good for you and good luck

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Congratulations! DO NOT forget to send a thank you note to your is just classy and respectful!

I make sure I always bring in a briefcase, dress in nice clothing avoiding reds or blacks (a little is fine), don't overdo on the makeup or jewlery, bring a pad of paper with my questions and three positives to bring up (cause sometimes you get wrapped up and forget to highlight your positives..or simply go with the flow so much you sidetrack)...and in my briefcase is that thank you card which I write in the car before I leave, and drop it into the post on my way home (simple professional card...mine are off white with a gold scrolled "thank you" on it...very plain but nice!). Firm handshake too...not too much just firm.

Question suggestions: (first few are normal...last ones are winners!)

1. How long do nurses typically stay employed at this ER? (shows you turn will want to know that!)

2. Will I need to float from time to time?

3. Weekends shifts?

4. Shift differential?

5. Benifits?

6. What do you think is this ER suceeds so well? (good one!!!! Positive at the same time as not only stroking ego, but gets a managers point of view! A win win!).

7. What is your hospitals philosophy? (shows interest in the facility, and is a experienced nurse question really!).

8. What areas of this ER would you say needs improvement most? (shows you are a go getter and want to help, and points to troubled spots you can use to accentuate your positives).

9. How do you think my skills could help your facility? (I save this one for last...redirects to my positive attributes and makes them invision me being there!).

10. How long will I train (biggie! You will want adequate training time before you sign on, also an insite to turn over and need).

11. If you were to hire me for tomorrow, what shift would you pick for me and why? (another chance at having the interview invision you there, and gains insite to what you will have to do once hired).

12. I really do my best when I ________ (put in your best attribute, like communication or techical skill etc.) will this be an asset to your ER? and why? (oh nelly this one will tell you what to focus on, why they are considering you, and hello...invision again!).

Alway leave the interview with a handshake and bring up a positive..this is your last time to make an impression! "Thank you very much for your time, I am eager to prove how my _______ skills can assist your organization and this ER. Very good to meet you."

Good luck with the interview!!!!!

From me who has interviewed, been the interviewee, designs resumes, and helps in the entire process for people looking for jobs! :) My dad taught me (upper managment in comercial advertising and a great guy! This comes so natural to me...maybe I should be an RN recruiter! LOL!).

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