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Got an earlier appt!!


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Well, after frequent checking I found a cancellation and was able to reschedule my appointment. So now instead of taking the NCLEX on Sat the 28th, I am taking it on Friday. I just felt an overwhelming need to test and the thought of waiting was driving me crazy. I felt I was not going to be anymore ready on the 28th than now. Wish me luck everyone.

Good luck on Friday!!! If you believe you are ready, then you should do fine. Just don't freak out during or after the test because you didn't know everything. It's a natural occurance after NCLEX to feel that way. Must of us felt that way and now we are licensed nurses. Good luck again!! :D

Erick, RN


Specializes in Ortho/neuro rehab, dialysis.

Thanks!!! I haven't told anyone at work or my family, other than my daughter and I will prob tell my husband, I want to take it and tell them after I pass. See, positive thinking all the way :chuckle. I am nervous but I know that I just need to think positive and that I can do this. On Saturday I am helping out with an open house at the college I graduated from, so I am hoping that it will help keep my mind busy while waiting for the results.


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We're crossing our fingers for you!

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