Got a C in Chm130... should i retake it?


So got a C in Chemistry, the class was horribly difficult and if i wasn't good in the math part i would have failed, I got an A in the lab portion, not sure if it matters, but anyway, should I retake this class? How will it effect my application toward the Rn Program? Got A's and B's in the other pre-reqs.


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Depends on which RN program you want to get into. If your going to a community college then I say no don't retake it because I agree with you it is extremely hard and I hated the class. But if your looking into a university RN program then that is another thing because they are competitive but if you only have one C then it probably won't hurt you too bad. I would be afraid of getting a worse grade the second time. Good Luck


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It depends on the program that you're trying to get into, really. My husband didn't get a high grade in his chem but still got accepted into a community college program with his B average.

I attended the U of A, and it's so competitive... that unless you have a really high pre-req GPA with the other classes, I would likely recommend it. They told me the semester prior to my getting in, the prereq average GPA of the accepted students was around 3.7.

Where did you take it? If you're in Tucson, you might be better off taking it as an IN course. That means that the lab and course grades are combined and done together... could have possibly averaged out your C into a B.


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I took Chm130 at Rio Salado and got a "C" as well. And my current "usual" in school is getting A's. I'm not re-taking it, as the MCCD admissions process is more like a checklist as opposed to competitive. If you beat yourself up to have all A's, you'll feel really let down when you meet plenty of others who also got in yet did not ace Chm. People who truly want to be nurses will probably end up being good students overall AND be good nurses. Meaning that higher grades impress no one, so why lose sleep over it? Some sciences are much harder than others, so do not feel ashamed. Unless your future goal happens to be nurse anesthetist or being a PA, you can probably consider this the "final hoop" you'll have to jump through on chemistry. If getting a mediocre grade in chm really gets under your skin, then come back to it later and do it just for you. But right now, focus on being a great nurse. Have fun learning to be one.


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Well it also depends on if you want to be eligible for other nursing programs, Banner wants a min of 3.0 cumulative GPA of 5 key classes and CHem 130 is one them, and they do care greatly on your grades. So in my opinion, if you can try and take it again. Curious How did you do in Micro? I found that to be the most challenging of all the core classes.


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Worth pointing out that if you do end up seeking higher education than nursing school (for example, PA school at AT Still or Midwestern), they do not consider online courses to be valid for sciences such as CHM. Best to take them in-person and to do well. I'm pretty confident that in the program that I'm entering (not nursing) that no one will ever ask what grade I got on a pre-req for the associates degree. But the mileage of others can certainly vary.


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Taking micro this fall, last of the reqs and currently on the wait list.


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Well, if you are currently on the wait list, that answers the question about retaking chem! Congratulations and good luck in the program!

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