Got it all, but can't answer NCLEX questions


I know the material better than anyone in the class....I teach it to them in fact when we are studying. I am great clinically speaking. I've been offered two jobs on floors that I've had clinicals on. BUT, I have failed the last class once b/c I can't answer NCLEX questions very well. I am now taking the class for the second time and I just failed the first test. I don't know what to do. Please help me. I want this so badly.


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Pretty much you know your is not your knowing your info.....its how you apply it...thats what NCLEX questions are

It may benifit you to take a class on how to take NCLEX. Or to take as many practice tests as you can in your books, cds that came with your books, in NCLEX books, really anything you have access to. Until you feel more comfortable with WHY the answer is the right one.


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But couple things I have found is, eliminate what you know is wrong. Most often you will narrow questions down to 2 answers and it comes down to which is better. Underline/highlight key words in the question....."most important", "priority", "first" are all key words, do not ever forget that. And priority interventions, and what the nurse would do first, quite often is as simple as remembering your ABC's and that vital signs are vital. You may think one thing as a gut reaction, but then think is it more important then ABCs or vital signs. Sometimes ABC or vital signs are irrelevant to the question, but if they are relevant, they are priority. Just keeping that in mind will help you out with probably at least a couple questions on a test.

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The thing about Nclex questions is it not about it being the right answer but the best answer. Sometimes all the answers are right, and you have to select the best one. In these cases its best to read the question carefully and read all the answers before jumping on the most temping option. I suggest talking to your teacher and finding out why your answer was incorrect and the rational of the right answer. It maybe something as simple as Maslow or the ABCs. It also might not hurt to Google Nclex rationals.

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Find your textbooks on the Evolve website.

Go, within the texts you have subscribed to, and find the chapters you are studying.

Take any NCLEX questions offered.

At first, don't stress about how many you get right.

Look at what you got wrong... and read the rationales.

Continue to take the mini-tests over and over until you can score almost perfect.

If you do this enough, you will begin to see how the questions work because you become familiar with the rationales.

You will also, by default, learn the material better.

If you can't do Evolve, for whatever reason, try this with actual NCLEX guides.

Make sure you READ how to approach the questions!!

It's all about the best answer and the best answer will depend on the type of question being asked.

I, too, suffered tremendously until I figured out that understanding the concept alone was pointless if I didn't know how to approach the tests!!!

I preferred Evolve because I liked all the other tools they had to offer to help me learn, but don't limit yourself.

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Get sauders rational and review and prentice hall rational and reviews and do questions EVERY day. If you off from school weekend 100 questions aday minimum, if your in school those days at least 30-40 questions.