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Got accepted, enrolled, info lit completed!


Not really a big hurdle. But I was happy to get accepted. Before enrolling I called to make sure that all I needed was anat/phys and micro to start my nursing exams. The lady said the program went in phases and I had to have all my gen-eds just to take anatomy and micro... and then I could start the nursing exams!!??!!?? ***!!! 5 minutes later an actual school of nursing counselor explained that I was correct, anatomy and micro were all that was needed and actually encouraged me to take the first nursing exam.

I enrolled... I forgot that I was going to get a break on enrollment, only 740$ for being ex-military.

I paid for info lit at noon ( before getting course approval... LOL... then called to get approved ) and finished the 5 sections, quizzes and final exam with an 88% by 630pm.

Bought TCN nursing concepts 2,3,4,5,6 and TCN microbiology on amazon and ebay. Paid 7$ for the cheapest nursing and 70$ for micro... most were 14-20$.

They accepted my intermediate algebra and statistics for behavioral health from ALEKs... thank god... other than drug calcs and my bank account I never have to do math again!

Ive been competing chapters, sections, videos, and quizzes covering anatomy/phys online with learning-portal.com and plan on 2 hard weeks of study once I get off this oil rig wednesday. Ill take the exam in about 3 weeks from now. Study Micro my next 3 weeks out at work and take that exam in late october. Im going to shoot for a nursing exam in november, december, jan and feb. Then hoping I can register for all my remaining exams at once to beat the july 15th deadline.

Planning and obsessing over it is half the fun... way better that things being structured, spoon fed and easy.

Having a plan is the first step. Starting it is the second step and you're now well on your way!

Honestly though, with SG101, you can do a nursing theory exam a week without much trouble, an exam every two weeks would be even easier.

You got this.


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You sound so excited! I'm sitting here just smiling and reminiscing about a very similar strategy back in 2009. Boy, were those the good ole days....stressful, but good. Good luck and hold steadfast to the course! Meeting and keeping those self-imposed deadlines is the key!

The only thing better than a self imposed deadline is knowing Excelsior is going to charge a ridiculous amount of money and make you suffer through a 16 week seminar just to take one nursing exam after july 15th.

Oh yes my friends... that lit a fire under my posterior region.

oh look... Im already using my big boy anatomy words... LOL!

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Hahahaha, you totally sound like me - I amassed a bunch of study guides and materials from the get-go. Have you used your GI Bill, being ex-military?

Believe it or not, I dont have it. I was a stupid, stubborn 19 year old kid. I refused the 100 dollars a month you were required to pay for it back in 1990.

I swore I would never go to college... ever. Such an idiot!

Now I would gladly pay out the 100 dollars a month for 12 months to get it...


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Neversaydiemedic, because of you, they didn't give you much of a choice when I joined the navy they just took out the $100, too many people didn't know what they were losing out on, and would never be able to get it back. Maybe you are eligible with this new GI Bill though. There is no buy in for it.