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Trying to find a good running/comfort shoe to wear at work. And or a good insert for good arch support.

Most recently [ about 4 months ago] i did the dr schols foot scan and bought the 50$ pair of shoe inserts which i liked, but as of now they are just worn down adn my soles/arches ache at work. My shoes are also worn and seem to offer no support.

Previously i've used brooks from hanson running shop which run about 170-200$. At the shop they put you in a pair of shoes watch you walk/run then based on that recommend a show based on your stride/how your foot rolls i guess.

My GF recently mentioned z-coil shoes as well. Any input appreciated


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I absolutely love my Alegria shoes! They are so comfortable and have really good arch support. They run about $100-130 but you don't have to replace the shoe every time, you just buy a new insert which run around $20. Some nurses have had theirs for over 5 years... And it only took me a couple days to break them in. Many people like Danskos too but I found them not tall enough with my high arch.

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do they have any male versions?

also need to be mostly white in color


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I love my mizuno running shoes! Don't wear inserts so I can't help there...

I use green Super Feet inserts for my high arches. They're great in virtually any running shoe except I did not like them in Asics Gel Nimbus. The Nimbus is already very cushy and somewhat bulky, and the insert just made it unwieldy.

I love Super Feet because they never seem to wear down. They are made out of hard plastic and have never mushed out of shape for me. Do not let the fact they are made of our hard plastic discourage you. If you have the proper fit and cut it to size just right, they are so comfortable.

Here is a link. I know, I know. $35 for inserts?! That's like a cute pair of shoes on sale for me. But, like I said, TOTALLY WORTH IT. Superfeet Green Premium Insoles,Green,E: 10.5 - 12 US Womens/9.5 - 11 US Mens: Shoes

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well i bit the bullet and bought a 230$ custom foot scanned orthopedic insert from my chiropractor.

Now on to find a good pair of shoes hopping the inserts are worth it

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I agree with Blinky. If you go to a podiatrist or a chiropractor, you can have custom orthotic insoles made. Most insurance plans will cover the first set. Considering they can last up to ten years its not a bad deal at all.


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Custom are best. The podiatrist I works with frequently recommends Super Feet for what the above poster mentioned-firm structure. Dr. Scholls doesn't have the firm, hard piece like the Super Feet ones do.


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I'm an avid runner with high arches & have been wearing New Balance trainers for the past two years with no problem. They're not the best looking shoe but that doesn't matter to me if I'm saving my arches from dropping. As for shoe inserts, I've used different types from for training, work and school and they are the most amazing inserts. I would def recommend them!

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insurance covers nothing, i only could pay for it as i had money in my flex care spending account, They are worth it, but are recommended to be changed every two years depending on wear and usage. I think they are worth it.

I still need a proper shoe to go with it, thinkning of hansons running shop as they watch how you walk/run then recommend a shoe based on it, also heard you can upload video of yourself walking/running on a treadmill and companies will evaluate your stride and recommend a type of shoe for you based on it. over pronator ankle instability etc.

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