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Good nursing shoes


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I wanted to find out what what brand of shoe people recommend for work. I have extra wide feet and have a hard time finding comfortable shoes. I generally like New Balance and Cherokee Rockers but want more of a choice. I can wear any style at work but I don't want to spend a fortune buyins shoes I don't like. Thanks

SAS are comfortable. One style of tie shoe has a really wide toe box.

Nurse Mates.

Their Hunter 230504 has a very wide toe.

The most comfortable nursing shoe I have found.

I do not know if they have wide shoes- but Dansko clogs are GREAT! "Professional" are backed clogs. I love them!! They are expensive- but totally worth the investment. (there is an outlet in the western suburbs of Philadelphia if ever down this way) I have friends that are vets and chefs that have ben wearing the same pair for years upon years. Good luck- nothing worse than bad shoes-ugghh!

Sorry- I forgot this in my post. http://www.danskooutlet.com/ They are a little cheaper in person in the outlet but either route is much cheaper than in a store or on the internet!

i personally wear a good pair of walking/training sneakers....skechers, nike are my favorite and they are so comfotable and dont make my feet hurt...i have found that nursing shoes have too much modifcation to make them comfortable ( like the arch supports etc) and they are akward

I love my Danskos. I have wide feet also and they have a really roomy toe-box. They aren't cushy, so they don't get all flattened down after a few months. I really think they're well worth the money.

I used to have the lightweight Rockers e-clog. They were wonderfully comfortable but didn't hold up to the beating I give my shoes. They were completely totalled after 3 months.

I just bought a pair of the Anywears this week. I wear them for the first time tonight so we'll see.

The Rockers that actually had the "rocker" on the bottom of them drive my absolutely nuts. I can't tell you how many times I've twisted my ankle trying to wear my old pair that had the rocker.

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I currently wear danskos and they are comfortable. I think that I am going to buy a pair of zcoils next, as ugly as they are. I have heard good things about them lately. OSHA has given money to some of our local companies for their employers to provide them with these shoes....I tried them on and they are comfy...other than the cost, how ugly they are, and the fact that the coil may or may not get stuck in tubing, does anyone have any comments...so far other than the three complaints listed, I have heard nothing but good things...


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I was a devoted Birkenstock customer until this summer. I bought my first pair of Danskos this fall after several on this board recommended them. I am now a very devoted Dansko customer. I can wear these shoes all day long to do anything and never have a problem. But, if I wear anything but a Birk or Dansko for more than a couple of hours I hurt from my ankles to my neck.

I came across some Timberland shoes that weren't even made for nursing and I sware by them they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, plus I got them on sale. My feet wouldn't ache at the end of 12 hours I was amazed. Sometimes the less obvious is best. I don't even by nursing shoes anymore. Waste of my time and money.

:p The absolute best shoes that I have found are the Anywears clogs. I have bad knees and a bad back and have been wearing these clogs for 4 years. The same pair!! All I have to do is change out the insole about twice a year. I also wear VERy good support hose from Rocker...the 140 dinier kind. After a 12 hour shift on my feet in ICU my feet and legs do not hurt. Go to their website at http://www.anywears.com. The shoes are washable in the dishwasher (remove the insoles) but I recommend that you do not get white as they will yellow over time and show dirt. Be sure to order up a size and practice walking in them as they take a little getting use to, especially walking backwards. I will NOT

wear anything else!

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The Dr. Scholl's GelSol shoes from Wal-mart. Cheap AND oh-so comfy.

I absolutely detest the Birkenstock ones, they had zero arch support. The Nursemates shoes felt like blocks of wood tied to my feet and had the same comfort level minus splinters. Not paying a crapload of money for marginal shoes.

Anywears are great, too!!!!!! And they are reasonably priced.

I swear by Birkenstock clogs...I can work 12+ hours in them and not come home aching. Plus, they come in both narrow and wide sizes. They also can be ordered with non-skid soles, though the regular ones are fine. They can be found in slingback and fullback styles (Tokyo and London are the style names I believe).

I have been in practice for 28 years, can you imagine how many kinds of shoes I have tried and worn?

I like SAS, but they are 100 dollars a pair. My mom told me about this one and I have been wearing them for 7 years. Cobbie Cuddlers. Not from the Cobbie Cuddler Store at $73.00, but from Kmart for $21.95 for the same exact shoe. Kmart bought into Cobbie Cuddlers and now carry the whole line including great everyday shoes.

I used to come in off a 12 hour shift and cry because my feet and knees hurt sooooo bad. My sons finally talked me into trying Birkenstocks. They were a Godsend. They are a little pricey and they take a few days to break in (I would wear them 2 -3 hours and then switch back to my other nursing shoes for a couple of hours.) I can now pull a 12 hour shift without any problems!

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I'm a happy Danskos wearer as well. I had a lot of problems with my knees, and was wearing walking shoes with orthotics -- but still had problems. A physical therapist I was working with recommended Danskos or Birkenstocks, and I tried both. The Birks just don't seem to have enough cushioning for my overweight self, but the Danskos are perfect. I'm a convert!

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