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  1. when we went live on the computerized charting we put into place a "PCM coodinator" who does chart audits daily along with teaching class, updates, etc.
  2. Shellsie

    I am a moron--I need I.V. help

    i think we all have those "barn door days" as i like to call them...you know the days you cant hit a barn door...let alone a vein on a 90 yr old dehydrated little old lady. hehe hang in there and you will find your "nitch"
  3. Shellsie

    ER Arm Bands

    when the patient comes into the triage room the triage nurse applies the band
  4. Shellsie

    PA LPN's now permitted to accept verbal orders

    LPN's take verbal and telephone orders all the time here in florida......matter of fact in most long term care facilities there are very few RN's on the payroll
  5. Shellsie


    guys, i think if you get your feelings hurt by someone correcting your spelling you need to grow a little thicker skin......hehe i could care less that i spelled HIPAA wrong and someone corrected it....it's just a message board right?? and for the record i think there are plenty of valid "medical" discussions" going on....ive actually come here to ask all you guys for help finding information :) and i think a little comic relief is needed sometimes ok im done ~jumps off my little soapbox~
  6. Shellsie

    Have you ever taken care of a celebrity?

    wow...never thought my little HIPAA (feel better now?) comment would cause sucha ruckus....hehe and i dont care how its spelled i just know what it means and that i dont wanna screw with it :chuckle
  7. Shellsie

    Made to look like an idiot. (rant)

    i would like to say i commend you for your actions in calling the doctor for the new abdominal pain. your scenario started out much like one i lived with my family member just over a month ago....my young (47) relative was in rehab following a CVA and his nurse chose to ignore his new pain complaints and just gave the narcotic...... well lets just say that he arrived to the ER with no b/p and wont be with us this christmas... so whatever anyone says to you ....you trust your nursing judgement no matter how new of a nurse you are or if it is in a rehab/nursing home setting. and like i said im behind you and what ive delt with recently has given me a different outlook
  8. Shellsie

    Have you ever taken care of a celebrity?

    HIPPA HIPPA HIPPA hehe i cant tell you if i took care of a celebrity :chuckle
  9. Shellsie

    Does anyone have Admission Nurses?

    I was an admission nurse for over a year but switched because it got monotonous. admits would get to the floor and id get there and meet and greet and assess and get history and start iv's and give stat meds (if available). it was nice because someone was there right away and if the patient was in any distress coming in as a direct admit i could get them settled. also if things were slow upstairs i would go down to er and ask them which ones were coming up and id go ahead and start their paperwork. i think it was a help to the staff and i could help with other things on slow admit days. i worked monday through friday 12p-8p but i usually came in early to help on the floor.
  10. Shellsie

    Young Nurses in Love

    this is so funny to me....kinda like those sexy little nurse dresses people wear at halloween or in "dirty movies" hehe... first thing i think is "you cant do compressions in that thing!" :chuckle
  11. Shellsie

    Why can't I be a nurse?

    ive been in your shoes cali..... one day i accidently left my name badge in the car. i work in a small hospital in a small town so i just left it downstairs and went about my business. i went into one patient's room to start an IV no one else could get and they said "youre a nurse??!!!" "NO WAY.....youare way too young!" they didnt believe me....i walked all the way downstairs and got my badge to proove i was a nurse. im gonna take that as a compliment and remember it when people tell me im older than my age
  12. Shellsie

    In desprate need of help!

    I need some information and references fast! I need to know how long we can leave IV sites in....I know it used to be 72 hours but recently I heard it was now 96 hours.....if someone could please let me know the new standard and a link to where I can go look at an print the information I would greatly appreciate it. We have to ammend our policy to go live on our online documentation project and "Go Live Day" is sneaking up on us! Thanks so much!
  13. thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  14. I was just wondering if anyone would like to share their opinion concerning Jeb Bush and his decision to replace the tube in that young lady (Terry I think her name is). I think the story can be found @ http://www.msn.com if you search for it...its pretty nationwide by now
  15. Shellsie

    To draw blood or not?

    you can draw blood on the patient but without giving them a list of rights etc....you just explain "mr. person i am going to take some blood to run some tests ok?" and they stick out their arm and tadah! you need them to sign a consent for HIV testing after they get "counselled" by the doc ( in my hospital) and you can release info to places like DCFS, funeral homes, Organ procurement etc. as long as it is tracked and reported
  16. Shellsie

    For Fun: Weirdest Thing in Pt. Bed

    i have found food and forks in beds but when i worked in the nursing home we had a little old lady with a wander guard on and she used to take her knife from the table and sneak off and try to cut off her wander guard. it was so cute we had this guy in the nursing home when i was a cna and whenever i would put him to bed the seat of his wheelchair was filled with warm cartons of milk, and even a hamburger one nite.....the grossest thing was....he was incontinent of urine ~gags~ and he never wanted me to throw any of it away he would say "DONT throw that away! ill eat it later"