what are we going to do?


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Things have becme so bad and yet hospitals still expect nurses to get "good patient scores" . They set us up with unrealistic expectations then are surprises when we fail!


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At first, I was thinking you were a newbie just surprised at the 'real world of nursing'. Then I read your previous posts and I realized that you're one of the 'senior ones'.

That doesn't make it any better as I really, really do know what you're talking about. Ain't it a shame how things have changed? :scrying:

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I ignore the constant influx of background noise regarding the latest and greatest things coming down the pike from admin who have likely never done patient care in their entire career. If they aren't happy with my patient satisfaction reports, oh well. I practice to the best of my ability and if the powers that be feel they can find someone better not a problem. I also happen to work with a large addictions population and imo for the most part if they aren't happy it is because I am actually doing a good job by keeping their respirations above 10 bpm. ;)