here we GO!

Students Pre-Nursing


AP1, 2, labs, and precal startin wednesday. here we go baby its time to DO WORK! Good luck everybody over the Summer semester!!!!:smokin:


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I start next week w/ Nutrition, Med Term, and some "Managing Yourself" class I took because I need the 1 credit hour to bump me up to 6 for financial aid reasons. The book for that class cost more than the class itself!


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Good Luck Everyone,

Med Term and Bio this summer. Already in week 3 and my head is spinning :bugeyes: Med Term is enjoyable, my professor for Bio SUCKS!!!!!! which is making a hard class, a lot more harder.

Anyho, let's keep our eye on the prize and our head in the books!:up:


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Good luck everyone! I start on Monday with Soci and once that is finished I move right into Psych. I can't imagine the workload some of you are taking this summer. Hang in there! You will do GREAT!

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