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Glad We Have the Internet!

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when i became a nurse in 1984 we didn't have the internet. i think it is a very positive thing when used appropriately. it allows us to come together in a huge forum to discuss nursing. i got my first computer in 2000 but wasn't online communicating with other nurses. just so happens that i didn't look for or find a site. now that i have gone to sites like aboutmytalk.com and allnurses, etc. i feel a lot better knowing that i am not the only one who experienced problems with the workload and stress. i think it may be a problem for the hospital association because i believe that the only reason there are now ratios in california is because of this expanded ability for people to communicate and share their feelings. :paw:

I like it too. You just never know what useful information you will learn on a site like this.

Tweety, BSN, RN

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I agree 100%. I love having all kinds of information at my fingertips both here and at work. I don't own a current drug book anymore and we subscribe to an internet service at work. Countless times I've looked up syndromes and diseases and treatments I'm not famliar with. Google is a wonderful thing for patient teaching. Just the other day I googles "potassium contents in foods, and printed out a document for the family of a patient".

Also, agree that it's an important avenue for networking and sharing infomation. The best of which is Allnurses.com.....not that I'm biased or anything. :)

muffie, RN

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to meet people

to learn new things

to see how things are done in another part of the world

ain't it great

Antikigirl, ASN, RN

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I have been a net user for a long time! Love it! I didn't see this site really till about two years ago and was hooked from day one! I was in a slump, and this site really helped me to pull myself back up and feel good about nursing again!

It also keeps me up to date on current trends in different areas of the US and other countries! That is very helpful I think so we can band together and hear about what works in other areas and try to apply it!

Yep...I love it!!!!!!!!!

I refer to the internet as "my gateway to the outside world" and/or the information superhighway...

This is basically the only site I refer to as far as the subject of nursing is concerned. I've laughed, cried, agreed, disagreed, etc. (of course, all from the confines of my desktop/computer chair...):wink2:


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I am glad too that this form exists for us to interact, sharing information and encouragement, both of which we all need in varying degrees at some point or another. But even though it's here, it is only good if you use it.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I happen to agree unequivocally. The internet is wonderful in that it permits people from isolated little crannies of the world to communicate to persons that they never would have met without online forms of communicating. The internet is also beautiful due to its mystical anonymity.

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