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Anyone who gave up their seat in Nursing School before? How well did it turn out for you after that?How did you cope up?I just wanna know other people's experience about giving up their seat in Nursing School.

For me, it was because of a financial reason. I'm 18 and I got in to my first choice BSN program and I never worked before. However, two months before NS school starts my mom who pays for college got fired. So basically, we are broke (danger of losing our home) and my mom's a single mom who had to pay bills and mortgage, etc. She was unemployed for over two months and Nursing School is coming which means we need more money. We did try student loans but its still not enough. My mom looks so depressed and stuff and I feel so sorry for her so I suggested that I wont attend Nursing School this fall.At first, she doesn't want me to because I'll be wasting 1 semester but in the end she agreed. So, I called my advisor and told him that I'm not attending the Fall semester and i'll probably reapply for spring. Even though my advisor told me that my chances for Spring is almost 100%, I'm still very sad about it. I cried for many days and I can't sleep. I am so jealous about my classmates who are going to start school next week :<.>

Also, after writing this down, I kinda feel better :o.

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I'm sorry... that really sucks! Look into other scholarships and grants to help make up the difference. Your financial aid dept. should have options for you, go in and ask what they can do to help, a lot of times they know of things they CAN do, but they won't unless they are asked!

Hope you figure it out :(


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I agree, try every outlet possible to try and get some assistance. The school should do its very best to help you out in any way. But if it turns out you have to wait until next semester, know that you did it for all the right reasons. Thats a big sacrifice to make. Right now its not fair because you see people you know going on into the program, but soon you'll see the picture. Whether you go now or next semester, know that you were willing to give it all up for your family. Thats huge. :yeah:

Hang in there! Things will turn around :)

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I'm sorry about your moms' job. Continue to apply for loans and scholarships. Try your best to keep your seat. Good luck.


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I think what you are doing for your mother is wonderful. Being a nurse is about taking care of other people and that is exactly what you are doing. Keep your head up and be proud of yourself. I'm sure next semester you will be sitting in the front row. :)

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sometimes if you let the school's finanical aid offic know about the change in financial situation they can offer you more loans and or grants like pell


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I'm in your same boat.... :hug: I was supposed to start today. Just 2 weeks ago I had to defer until Spring. I cried and was in a real depressed state for over a week. We get no federal help except loans and we have 3 in college and a long list of financial obligations. My husbands job is rocky at best right now and it was more important to me for my daughter to get into her first semester. I got a federal student loan and 2 scholarships but was still way short.

Let's chin up together!! It's only 1 semester and sitting out we are doing something very good for someone we love! Hang in there!


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I was supposed to start my nursing degree in January 2011, but ended up giving up my seat at the last minute for a couple of reasons, including still being two courses away from finishing my first degree (was planning to do these two courses at the same time as my nursing degree) and a lot of stress in my family life. Basically I was burnt out just at the thought of starting the program. I re-applied for September though, and now I am starting in a couple of weeks! I do wish I had been able to start back in January, since I would be a year closer to being a nurse right now, but it just wasn't the right time and ultimately I'm glad I made this decision. If you can't find a way to make it work this semester, don't worry... you'll still be starting your nursing career very soon! Waiting one semester isn't a huge deal in the long run (you're only 18!) and I'm sure being more financially stable and waiting until next semester will be less stressful than starting now and being panicked about money. Try to make the best of this semester and before you know it, it'll be spring. Best of luck! :)