Getting worried- no status update with Excelsior

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I am more than a little freaked out now.

I have not yet had a status update since passing the CPNE, and it says on their website that the cutoff for conferral by December 17th (the date they gave me) says that your latest eval must have been by October 22nd.

I emailed them today, and didn't hear anything. Usually they email me back in about 2-3 hours.

Can someone please put my weary mind to rest?

(On a good note, the State of MI shows my RN license as pending! :) and they cashed my check. )

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Call them in the morning. Hang in there! The waiting is no fun.

Only someone from Excelsior can put your mind to rest about this. Continue to contact them until you get your questions answered.

My conferral date is Nov 19... I called them almost everyday after i finished my last requirement which was Micro on 10/8/2010... I was always able to speak with a Nursing Academic Advisor, and they forwarded my info over to my actual Academic Advisor and my status report was updated in like 3 days... So my advice to u would b 2 call them right away...

Also did u go on the EPN and ask this question to others who may have taken their CPNE the same time u had... Some1 can probably tell you weather or not theirs has been updated or not

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dont does not get excited about updating will go gray waiting ...

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Sweettart, didn't I go over a similar issue with you a couple of weeks ago regarding your passing grade showing up on MyEC? ;)

Relax. You passed your CPNE. You're done. You will graduate on the date that was shown on the paper given to you by the CA. :D

It took about 2-3 weeks for my status report to update.

YOU'RE DONE! Relax and celebrate! Easier said than done, I know. I've been itching to get graduation over because Tennessee won't even let me apply to take the NCLEX until my official degree conferral date. :(


Approved for graduation and my grad packet is in the mail. :-)

Good for you!

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