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Hey all

Been a LPN for 5 years. Was told to do something outside my scope of practice. Refused. Got written up. Now being harassed at work. What a joke. Nursing is nothing I thought it would be.

Ugggghh just needed to vent.




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Sorry about your situation. Vent away!


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Contact your Board of Nursing. Get an opinion about the issue from the Practice Director. This is what they do. You ask a question about a practice and you get a written opinion. I see this all the time where I work. Nurses practicing beyond the scope of their license. A lot of them don't even realize it. They also don't realize, if a patient injury arises as a result, our liabilty insurance won't cover them.

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I would go to your nurse manager, and ask for clarification as to why the write up occured. A number of practice acts for an LPN are very vauge, and facility based. If you are supposedly able to do the task that was assigned, then I would ask to see the policy that says that you can. If they can not produce one, I would ask that the write up be purged. I am curious if you did something that was not in your scope and the RN found out about it afterwards, would that lead to a write up as well? I would be crystal clear on your policy scope and your BON scope of practice. If it is something that you did not know how to do, and just learning that it is within your scope to do it, then perhaps you can be oriented to that task. That you declined to do something that was either not within your scope and/or a clinical task you had never done/did not know how to do should never be an issue that leads to a write up, merely a "I am sorry I can't do that" should have been enough to remind RN of the limitations of your facility/state scope.


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I have a good one I was fired 10 days after I told corporate about witnessing somebody trying to kill my patient. The charge nurse wanted to give more morphine and what was necessary and more morphine and what was on the MAR! The paramedic went in my pt's room and performed a pericardial thump on my patient to hurry up and make him code so she can put a tube in his stoma I explained all this to corporate they kept her on the schedule to me off and then fired me for sexual harassment which is all BS. Needless to say I'm looking for a good lawyer in Texas anyone know of one? And all of this of course has been reported to state thanks for any info

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You need an attorney does not endorse Attorneys. Please do not discuss events of the case with anyone except your attorney.

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