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Getting out of CNA-ing

nyanit nyanit (New) New Pre-Student

So I've been a CNA for a year now and I really don't think this is for me. I think I am close to being burnt out. I am looking for a way to get another job in the medical field while I finish school. I went to get my phlebotomy certificate but haven't had success with any of the jobs.I am in school to become a surgical technologist. I have heard about SNA (surgical nursing assistant) but haven't had any luck finding openings. So does anyone have any suggestions of entry level positions for the medical field I could try? Or if anyone knows how to go about becoming a SNA? Or where to look? Thank you

Missingyou, CNA

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How about hemodialysis tech? Google it. I know many places provide training with a commitment to work for them. There is a demand for dialysis techs in most areas. I have found that the pay is roughly the same as a CNA.

Do you see postings for phlebotomy positions? Perhaps review your resume and cover letter. Ask HR for in informational interview to learn what the job entails and use the opportunity to showcase yourself.

These are some of the medical fields that I can think of:

1.) Radiologic technology

2.) Respiratory therapist

3.) Health information technology (more of an admin)

4.) Diagnostic medical sonographer


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Then there's always DENTAL positions.