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Get well notes for patients


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do any of you leave get well cards for your patients? i had a thought one day while i was taking care of a patient that seemed to have no family or visitors. i would like to start leaving a card for my patients. nothing big, just a kind word with my name on it...i wonder if this would break any rules? just a thought...any ideas?


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Actually my hospital has generic cards for the patient, it comes in the new pt admission packet. It goes in their chart, everyone that has cared for them signs it, when the pt is discharged it is given to them. It is a really nice gesture and a lot of patients are surprised by it.

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That is a very sweet idea. How I usually gauge if its ok or not to do is I ask myself, is this something I can do for ALL my patients and not just this one...if the answer is yes, then its ok :) (this is what I would do) I would ask you hospital manager if there are any policies regareding such.


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That is so sweet. I think it's a great idea!


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Sometimes, its the little things we do for our patients that brighten up that gray in their eyes. Especially ones that have no family or no visitors.

I once, at the end of my night shift talked about getting a cup of Tim Hortons coffee for my drive home while helping a patient back to her bed. The patient lamented about how terrible the hospital coffee was and that she would do anything for a good cup. So, the coffee shop wasn't that far from the hospital so I went through the drive through and ordered her a small coffee in addition to mine - something I didn't HAVE to do, but I felt like it. I quickly popped back into the unit and gave her the coffee. She squealed in delight and thanked me profusely. The next day I came in and I nursed her again, she cried and said that was the nicest thing I could have done for her and that she would never forget me. Now I had done many things for this patient, some pretty hairy interventions but this is what she will fondly remember about her nursing care. Coffee. The smallest and kindest of actions can lead to good outcomes.


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In our patients rooms we have a white board for the date, RN's name, CNA's name, thier MD's name, and a "plan" area. Usually we write encouragind words there and the patients love it. The family will write notes either to thier ill family member, or thank yous to the staff. It's nice to have the time to do a little thing for a patient, but like a previous poster said it only crosses the line when you can't do it or wouldn't do it for all.

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we do this as well. on our unit we take pics at various stages of their recovery (with their signed consent of course) the we all sign the card and mail it with the pics so they can see how far they have come. they like the idea.:redpinkhe

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Many years ago, I had a home health patient who lived alone, rarely got out, and whose family did the least they could for him. He commented how his dau never brought any fresh fruit when she did the shopping. A few weeks later, I brought him 2 peaches. He cried. I was very touched, this cost me little but 'paid' me a ton!

I have occassionally done similar little things, and have always been rewarded for my efforts.

I try to keep it a surprise, and inexpensive. Two pillowcases from Goodwill to a woman who had none. That sort of thing.


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Thanks for all the replies! I feel like that is something that I can do for all of my patients. I haven't asked my supervisor about it yet, but I'm not sure why it would be an issue. We have the dry erase boards also, that's a great idea about writing words of encouragement on it!

Good ideas everyone!

Have a good week!! :nurse: