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hi everyone!

ever since i decided to go to nursing school i knew i wanted to go into peds or labor and delivery. I would love to work at hasbro but i know its super hard to get into. I was thinking that while im in school i should try to volunteer at the hospital so i can get my foot in the door.

As of right now my specialty choices are peds or labor and delivery but definitely leaning more towards peds because ive always loved working with kids.

Do any peds nurses have any ideas or advice to give me so i can get my foot in the door? i dont mind volunteering and i actually think it would be fun and it always looks good on your resume too!

Thank you!



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I am a peds ICU nurse in Nevada and I regulatory sit on new grad interview panels. For any area you want to go into the question you need to ask yourself is, "what can I do to separate myself from the 300+ other applicants for this limited position". The problem we have as interviewers when we open a new grad position, we will get applicants from all over the country who apply and almost all have the same qualification. So, think outside the box.

Tip one: Do extra well in nursing school.

Tip two: Get involved in community events. Want to be a peds nurse, take a car seat certification class and volunteer at car seat check up events, want to be an ER nurse become a CPR instructor and volunteer to teach it at community events, or want to be a labor nurse find way to get the word out about the importance of prenatal care. All of these will be great networking opportunities and resume builders.

Tip three: Become a member of associations specific to your desired field and read their journals. Examples: The Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) or The Association of Women's Health, Obstetrics and neonatal nurses (AWHONN).

Tip four: Have customer service skills. It may sound irrelevant, but I love seeing applicants who have recently been managers of Starbucks or high-end retail stores. Right now, customer service is a big deal in healthcare and we all need applicants who can help us increase our HCAHPS scores.

Last tip: Know what an HCAHPS survey is and how you can increase your interviewers scores.



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awesome advice. thank you.

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I used to work for Hasbro. If you want to get in you should get a position at Rhode Island Hospital or Hasbro as either a CNA or Unit Secretary or Unit Assistant which will allow you to get some experience, network and get to know people. It will definately help you to get a job after you graduate. Best of luck!

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