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Get CNA after 1st semester RN program?

by PrayingToPass PrayingToPass (Member)

Ive heard getting my CNA license once I finish my 1st semester in a RN program is wise move, to gain work experience? Would I have to take workshops or classes, or am I allowed to just sit for the CNA license exam? Will I be able to pass CNA exam post 1st BSN program semester, or should I study up for it? Does CNA experience "count" towards RN experience? ... Or is it just a way to get my foot in the door & network? . ~ Thanks for filling me in! =)

I suggest asking a professor and contacting your state board of nursing for further inquiry.

I agree with nandosport to talk to your professor about what is required of you for taking the CNA course. RN programs can vary of what is required of you. Some RN programs require you to take a CNA course as part of you class credits while others just suggest you take the course. Some student nurses I know that have been in nursing school long enough that they just challenge the test because they have gone through all the class time in their nursing classes already. While others may take the class before they start their nursing classes which then is a plus because when they go through it in nursing class it is almost a review for them and they do very well in those classes while in school.

Does CNA count toward RN experiance? I'd say no on that one. I hold a CNA certificate and have not had one nursing class, so I could not possibly say I have RN experiance just by taking a CNA course and working as a CNA. Though having a CNA certificate and working as a CNA would be a plus to have on your reseme for the future.

here in KY i was able to just sit for the CNA test after passing my fundamentals class first semester. I've been working in a nursing home since, and they have already offered me an RN job when I graduate this December. Good luck!


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I sat for CNA test after first semester, just had to have a letterhead from my program director listing my amount of clinical hours. I am working in LTC now, but don't plan to stay in LTC once I'm nursing. Your state's BON website will list the requirements and have an application you can download and send in with your letterhead, most likely.