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where to get BLS and ACLS certificate in califonia?

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i just want to ask where to get those certificate coz i already passed the nclex and now i'm looking for a job..what's the first step to do? thanks...

Do an internet search to find providers near you. Check with the staff development/education departments of local hospitals. If you are near San Jose, check out http://www.heartsharetraining.com. They will be offering a class in Sacramento in the near future. If you are in the LA area, check out http://www.lifesavered.com. They offer classes in South Pasadena. There are others.

is it okay to take the class online? or it's better to attend the actual class?

Even if you take the class online, you're gonna have to meet up with an instructor either way for a skills demonstration test after the online classes. If you're not working yet and not very busy, might as well attend the actual class so you can clarify topics and ask questions readily for a better learning experience. I'm planning to get my BLS certification myself sometime this month :). Oh, and make sure the course you enroll in is "BLS for Healthcare Providers", that's the one employers require for RNs.

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Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento is offering ACLS prep and provider classes throughout 2009. You can call (916) 733-3057 for more info, but I think they require you to apply in person for the registration.

I do have the same situation. I just got my NCLEX and I need BCLS or ACLS certificate because most hospitals, facilities, or agencies prefer or require RN with BCLS or ACLS license. I asked my sister about it and she told me that she got hers when she was already hired, and from there she got the license.

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