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YIKES!!!!! That's about the only word I can express about this one. Got off a weekend night shift (through my agency) at a nursing home I have never been to previously. I prefer to stick to... Read More

  1. by   fulwood
    It just makes me sad to think of that poor old chap with those maggots. You definitely did right thing - pity others didn't do same thing before you saw it so it didn't have to go that far.
  2. by   BrianWhitfield
    While your story is horrible, it really doesn't surprise me. Not putting down the honorable profession of nursing, but there are some bad apples out there and the state agencies and NH administrators don't pay enough attention. My mother was killed in a NH about a year ago by a RN who had a long history of medication errors, paitent assaults, etc. All the state people did was write up violations against the NH. The state attorney general brought homicide charges to a grand jury but they didn't prosecute. The RN told the grand jury she was having a "bad stress" day and they took sympathy on her.

    The bottom line is that NH administrators and owners treat these elderly people like farm animals. When reported to state agencies, all they get is a simple slap on the wrist. I could have done better by having my mother boarded at a animal hospital. It's a lot cheaper, she would have gotten walked twice-a-day, bathed once-a-week, and fed twice daily......
  3. by   Youda
    If you'd like to check out just how common this is, visit this website. There are other similar websites, just do a search.
  4. by   globalRN
    Eddy, God bless you for speaking out for those poor patients.
    You are a hero and a damn good nurse!!
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    Brian, thank you for that link. Although I was horrified at the story, it only confirms what I already know. And, it is somewhat helpful to know that those outside the "industry" are starting to notice. It just makes me fume, though, to hear the response of the corporations when I see their investor relations information showing huge profits each year.
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  9. by   Vsummer1
    After reading this I was horrified. I am doing my first clinical rotation in a LTC and was commenting on how well run it is comparing it to the facility in this story.

    They came up with the fact (don't know if it is true) that a flies entire life cycle is 3 days. Also, the maggots will only feed on necrotic flesh, not viable tissue (it is used sometimes to clean wounds...). Students... LOL So, this wound was infested sometime within the past 24 hours and not dressed / looked at in 24 hours -- that time was my point. Especially if this pt had a hx of decubs... what happened to the turn Q2?

    I have yet to see a decub in this facility. I don't know the staff ratio, but they seem to be able to do what they need to do. One lady (99 year old LADY) each day has her camisole, stockings, makeup and jewelry on. One of the students was assigned to her, and had forgot her earrings and combed her hair differently. A CNA noticed, brought her back to the room and combed her hair the way the resident liked it, and got her earrings on.

    I think I must be LUCKY to have seen a good facility for my first experience. As to the smell there, I did notice smells, but nothing hits you too bad. Sure, you smell the code browns but in general this is a clean, well maintained place.
  10. by   night owl
    My God!!!!!!! I am appalled and speechless!
    You kept saying "And where were the NA's?" Am I understanding that there were no NA's on the unit you were pulled to? YOU were that mans guardian angel. I can see why the other nurse went home with "female problems." After realizing what she was getting herself into she decided to NOT stick around. But,it was a good thing she did leave otherwise you would have not been pulled there to find your suprise. Kudoes to you and a big ^5 for reporting this place to the state...You handled yourself very well in this great big bad situation. New Job perhaps?
  11. by   eddy
    For me, I tend to have a lot of new jobs. Almost every time I go in to work it's a "new job". That's both the beauty and the draw back of agency work. Every day is a new day, but it also brings its own set of unique challenges.

    I've been to a LOT of places, and I've seen a LOT of disturbing things. Yet, I have never seen ANYTHING so bad as this. I mean, I am used to going to facilities that have problems. Afterall, that's really the only reason why I am there. However, there are problems and then there are outright cruelties. This was a cruel environment for everyone involved, pts and workers alike.

    Night owl - In response to your CNA question... Well, according to the daily sched there were 3 CNA's on that night. Usually they have 5, with 2 on each unit and a floater. They were confirmed short 2, but we all know that if everyone works together and nurses are willing to help CNA's with their workload, even going this short, things can get done and done properly. It may not be fun, but it can be done. However, the only CNA I saw all night was the one that I had on my original unit. She was a hard little worker, bless her heart too. The other two CNA's were never accounted for. It is unknown whether they were no call no shows or there was a scheduling error (intentional or accidental) or if perhaps they abondoned the shift at some point during the night. The lone CNA busted her hump to do what she could, but the bottom line is that she couldn't do it alone. Judging from the condition of the residents I have no question in my mind that this situation is more the norm at this facility than anything.

    The LPN that left early did not chart any work. She did absolutely nothing. I have since learned that she has been employed there for a little over 2 years. My belief is that she took advantage of the situation to get a night off and stick the guy who "didn't know any better" with the load. I have zero respect for her as a nurse. She was the night charge 5 to 6 nights a week of that particular unit. She should have caught this resident's problem just like the day and eve charges should have. My feeling is that the only people left at this dump, with the exception of the CNA I worked with, were people who didn't care. They were hardened to the conditions, did as LITTLE as possible and were only there for a paycheck.

    While it most definately is the fault of administration and the owners/investors, the blame also lies with the employees in this case. THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE WHAT I DID A LONG TIME AGO!!!! That doesn't make all the employees there bad, but it does make them either ignorant, careless or too afraid. I don't accept "too afraid" as there are jobs galore in nursing in my area. They didn't have to stay, and they most definately are not heros for doing so. So while I want to say the general statement that "it's all the administration and owners fault"... IT'S NOT!
  12. by   renerian
    I had posted earlier YIKES to your post but here is another LTC/SNF nightmare that happened to me today. I report today for my first day on the floor at 6:45am. I show up at 6:30a and my new security chip they gave me to get into the building does not work. I use the security phone to call the security to let me in and of course no one comes or picks up. NO one comes to be banging on the door. I keep calling finally after 20 minutes someone comes and lets me in and I am of course late for my first day. I clock in and get up there and the night super in the middle of change of shift starts berating me in front of about 10 residents and all the staff-she is literally yelling at me. I ask her can she please stop yelling and can we go in the office or chart room. Wow that pissed her off big time, she told me to leave and she would have the DON call me if I still had a job. She took me off the schedule. IN shock and totally embarrased, I leave. The DON just emailed me they are relieving me of my job. Apparantly the secruity man checked the records and my number never showed up. I again told them it kept blinking red. They don't believe I was outside for that long......so they are releasing me from their job.
    Go figure. Pretty upset ........

  13. by   Vsummer1
    Consider yourself LUCKY then. You don't want to work with a bunch of people like that and it is best to find out NOW rather than later!