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Hello What would you do if a co-worker from the previous shift didnt finish their work and give it to the next shift nurse, like admissions, treatments etc... Would you do it, or would you say... Read More

  1. by   TrudyRN
    Of course, put yourself in the position of being relieved by a nurse who is always a sourpuss and refuses to ever graciously accept that their could ever possibly be spillover. It doesn't matter to her that codes happened or that meds were not available to give or that OR schedules were delayed or dressing change materials were out of stock or that you had just changed the dang dressing an hour ago and then here came the surgeon and ripped it off so she could examine the wound, and then, of course, left the dirty one at the bedside and expected you to re-dress the wound and you couldn't because someone fell right then.

    I'm sorry but there are times when there is going to be spillover and I think the oncoming shift needs to be understanding when that happens.
  2. by   banditrn
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Sometimes you're the statue, sometimes you're the pigeon.
    Lordy, I hope I'm never thought of as a pidgeon!! Of course, I've come to realize that in LTC, working nights, no one thinks you do anything, anyhow. And I realize that, for the most part, it is more laid back.

    But if they all think nights is such a sweet shift - why don't any of them want to work it?
  3. by   classicdame
    This is an age old problem because everyone has plenty to do and may feel the other shift is slacking. There should be a general understanding (in writing?) what ought to be done each shift. Then when it cannot be done there should be a reason. Patternswill develop when the same people are involved time aftertime. That is what managers are for.
  4. by   shadow hawk
    In nursing we generally know the nurses from the other shifts. The nurse that always has work to pass on soon become a focus of why aren't they getting their work done. If they aren't able to keep up what can be done to help. That alway mean that people are looking at your time management abilities. If you are a nurse that always needs help from other nurses but is always too busy to lend a hand you pretty much can count that that help will stop. If you are a nurse that always wants to finish up but by finishing up you are keeping the nurse from starting their shift then that is a problem not a help. Give report and then return to what you need to finish up. Nursing is a team sport if there are players who won't help, talk to the supervisor or find a new team. The higher up will begin to wonder about the turn over and the I never give help nurse will find out life is not that great especially if the admission they did not recheck ends up costing money by a missed order. Two eyes are better than one and I always recheck a new admission and want the incoming nurse to check behind me.
  5. by   hptogram
    I do not mind doing whatever the other shift couldn't get finished. I know its crazy some nights and they are beat at the end of their shift. However, the morning shift is another story. If I work the ALF side by myself, they get upset when I don't do extra. God forbid if they can't have their 30 minute break as soon as they walk in the door or if they have to shower or get a resident dressed. Management knows and does not care. But as far as the other shift that I relieve, I'm happy to help them out. When I clock in I'm there to work and if I needed help, I know they would.
  6. by   Jo Dirt
    On the 3-11 shift I have done many dressing changes/treatments, etc. that were not finished on day shift and never said a word about it.
    But there were a couple of day shifters that would seek you out to let you know if you did not get to doing something and the whole place would know about it.