Who pays for CPR?

  1. The facility I'm working in will not pay for renewing CPR certification. I've never had to pay before. Just wondering how other facilites handle this.
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  3. by   Quickbeam
    I am a nurse consultant for a government agency. They weren't going to pay for my recert (I do no hands on care) but I convinced them that it was in their best interest to keep me up to speed. I recert now at another agency with other nurses...I am the only RN at my agency.

    When I was an RN case manager for an insurance company, I had to pay for my own recerts. What I did was call friends who worked at hospitals who then included me in their regular class as a favor.
  4. by   donmomofnine
    Our facility does not require CPR certification. We used to, and when we did, we provided it and paid for it.
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    When I was the SDC at a LTC it was mandatory for all nurses to be certified in CPR. Since it was the rule, the company had to pay...of course I am a cheap Yankee and called around. Our ambulance company had a teacher who came for free...it was the best CPR class I ever had.
    The company I work for now won't pay for it because it isn't mandatory to have a current CPR card...ridiculous.
    Call your local fire department...chances are they will provide you with a teacher.
  6. by   NeuroICURN
    My hospital pays for my CPR and ACLS AND they pay me to go to both classes!
  7. by   Destinystar
    it is the nurses responsiblity to keep up on her licensure and certification. it is an option for a facility to pay for cpr not an obligation. some will provide the classes but charge a fee because they have to use outside people to conduct the class, some have in house staff that is trained to give cpr classes and will offer it for free it all depends.
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    the facility i'm working in will not pay for renewing cpr certification. i've never had to pay before. just wondering how other facilites handle this.
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  9. by   Audreyfay
    Unreal! I have worked at many many healthcare institutions in the last 29 years. Have never found one yet that did not offer it inhouse! The solution... become a CPR instructor and get another job!
  10. by   Todd SPN
    Ours in done in-house and the facility pays my hourly wage while I attend the class.
  11. by   natalie wilson
    Someone told me I could get recertified online so I checked it out and it looks ok. They are charging the same my facility is charging. It just irks me to have to pay when I never have before. At one time they had someone who worked in the facility to do it and they still charged us. My daughter is an RN and she teaches CPR occasionally and doesn't charge any thing. She doesn't live in this area tho. How about this?? http://www.procpr.org
  12. by   nurseLori
    Everywhere I have worked before has paid for the CPR certification, and paid me my hourly wage as well for time spent taking the class.

    I would look close at policies and procedures, and your state regulations. Some times the company will have put it in their policy to pay for it, but try to get away with not paying. I guess they aren't smart enough to read their own manual:chuckle