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:angryfire I'm breathing fire tonight/morning. Little background, I work 10pm to 6am at an ALF. Our little establishment was bought recently by a nation wide company. I thought things would get... Read More

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    I know this is not going to help the problem as a whole, but no one can say I don't change my patients because every time i do, I write my initials and the date and time on their briefs. I advise my CNA's to do this also. Good luck.
    We do that. They still complain. I've got three choices. I can just concentrate on doing my job well and take care of my residents to the best of my ability. I can tender my notice (I'm leaning more that way tonight). Or I can go bananas, cuss them all out, blow up all bridges, call corporate on them, call state on them and be done. This morning when I first posted, I was really angry and leaned more towards going bananas. But after having thought about it all day, it would serve no purpose to report them. They've gotten away with this shananigans for 8 years. Why would some suit care what I have to say?

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to see what its like to be a nurse of some kind, to take care of people who need me. I'm thankful that I have learned a lot in a short time and know that when it comes to the needs of the resident I can take care of them. I am capable. I do enjoy it. I'm going to write out my resignation letter tonight and hand it in on Tuesday. I'll be pleasant and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. I'll miss the money, but not the headache. I'll have more time to getting my CNA license. At least its a start.

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom. I've been a member here for awhile and gained a lot of useful information. Its good to know I've got this board to turn to for advice and words of encouragement! Thank you all!
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    Good luck on starting your new career. I am sure you will do a wonderful job. I often shake my head in wonder at how facilities often seem to lose the people who care and want to do their jobs correctly and manage to keep the ones who just do enough to get by. Hold your head up high, smile and know you are going to better things.
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    I don't know. I suffered the same types of things and ultimately lost my job. Basically, the attitude I think was, "We don't like your kind 'round here."

    Good luck.
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    Well I stuck it out. Decided I would give it this week and then start applying at other facilities on Monday. Then something blissfully wonderful happened!

    I've known for a couple of weeks that we were getting a new male nurse manager. I didn't give this much thought because the last nurse manager was just as knee deep in the gossiping and nit picking as the rest of them. He started on Tuesday. Tuesday was also the day that the Ringleader planned a mandatory meeting for the locked unit employees. I did not attend but was told by the evening LPN that it started off with the Ringleader lecturing about bad attitudes. Then she began pointing people out and in front of everyone, picking apart various members of her staff. This turned into everyone talking at once and bickering like children (her words) so she got up and left. The new nurse manager stayed.

    He stopped by last night to check up on us. I introduced myself, told him to stop by anytime and bring food He told us if we had any questions or concerns to call anytime, day or night. I told him this was not a problem. When he left I asked the supervisor, who has worked there for many years, what she thought of him. She said "Oh he seems like he wants to get things together and clean this place up. He won't bother us as long as we keep doing what we're doing. But dayshift is going to have problems."

    So, it seems right now that the tide is turning. Not holding my breath though.

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    hptogram. . .I can only tell you about the two experiences I had over the years regarding these kinds of situations. One involved me bringing my laptop to work to show a few colleagues on the night shift some nursing websites that would be helpful to us. It was done during a break and only took up 15 minutes of time. Well, it only took a few days before I was called in to the DON (this was a LTC) and told there was talk I was fooling around with other members of the staff on a computer at night. The other situation happened at a much earlier time in my career when I worked in the acute hospital. Stupidly, one night I brought a couple of my favorite crystals and a deck of Tarot cards in and was showing them to people at the nurses station in between doing my work at the nurses station. It was reported that I was a devil and putting curses on people! This is the power of gossip.

    The advice I would give you is to just let all this drop. All you can do is keep your own nose clean, so to speak. So, don't bring the laptop in anymore as much as it might sadden you. Keep your time at work strictly on work. Keep your comments at work factual and patient care oriented. Start policing any judgmental comments you might want to make and keep them to yourself. You are less likely to get into any trouble with gossip that way.
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    thats just wrong