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I've had enough. We had our nurses meeting Friday and our DON stated that we are no longer allowed to work ANY overtime. Like anyone really wants to. And she made the statement to me that she... Read More

  1. by   banditrn
    Well, I've been sick for a couple of days - an aide came in sick last week with this stomach thing, and I caught it.

    Started throwing up Sat. afternoon, couldn't find a replacement, couldn't get in touch with the DON, so I called the administrator, and she took care of it - bless her. Thought I felt OK Sunday, but I threw up again just before I left for work Sunday nite. Then it was HADES nite.

    Had hoped to hand my resig. to the DON personally before I left Mon. morning, but she wasn't there before I left, so I put it in her IN box. Thought maybe I'd hear from her, but haven't yet.

    I'm relieved to be getting out of there - they have so many problems.
  2. by   buildingmyfaith57
    What the purpose for quality care does that really matter? and two go take a look at your state Caregiver Misconduct Registry and look at how many aids have been reported for "A" represents abuse, "N" represents neglect, and "M" represents misappropriation. CG (Caregiver) Type = NA (Nurse Aide) OR CGE (Other Noncredentialed Caregiver). if makes you kind wonder what is really going on?
  3. by   marjoriemac
    I salute you, when your dream comes true, please hire me!
  4. by   banditrn
    The DON just called and wanted to know where I was going - wouldn't tell her - told her it wasn't set in stone yet. Which it isn't.
  5. by   MsPiggy
    Good for you for getting out of there! And Ha! I knew that DON would call you, I just bet she would like to know where you are going, but frankly that is none of her business.

    I can't wait until I can hand in my notice also, and I will probably NOT give them 2 weeks notice but quote our at-will hire agreement..Yea we have to justify our overtime even though we have no choice. Are we supposed to leave patients that are unstable sitting in the waiting room alone & just leave at the end of our shift? We have to do something with them. I put in my last check for the breaks that I didn't receive and wrote on my time slip I wanted to be paid for them & no surprise it was not on my check..

    They want you to overtime, but they want you to do it for free, lol.

    Can't wait til I can follow in your shoes, good luck on your new job, it's got to be an improvement.. I know what you mean though, you do get attached to your friends at work & your patients especially in LTC. I wish you the best


  6. by   brendamyheart
    Quote from banditrn
    I've had enough.

    We had our nurses meeting Friday and our DON stated that we are no longer allowed to work ANY overtime. Like anyone really wants to. And she made the statement to me that she didn't understand how anyone that worked nights would ever need to work OT. That did it.

    We have up to 40 beds and at nite I get 1 cna. The greater proportion of these residents are total care - I've found it hard to believe that they expect 1 cna to do it all. Plus at nite, I get to do all the bookwork type stuff.

    They just recently pulled my wonderful nite aide to days, and gave me a new aide - she will probably work out, but she's new, and still trying to get her routine down.

    Now, I've been told I'm the only nurse who will stop during med pass to take a resident to the BR. I'm sorry, I thought this was part of patient care. I'm to practice better 'time management'. Well, with only 1 cna, and if she's on the other side of the building, I'm supposed to tell them NO?

    I'm never late with my medpass, and have the cart stocked and waiting for the day shift when they walk in the door. But if things have been running crazy during the nite, I save any piddling charting for then.

    During this meeting I told the DON that she needed to come spend some time on our shift if she thinks we have it so easy.

    But it doesn't matter - I applied at another home that I've been waiting for an opening to come up. They're bigger, and I really was impressed with their DON, and have talked to a couple of the nurses there and they like it.
    If I were you, I would run from there. Protect your license. I have worked in LTC for about 10 years and seen it all. My motto is, " No one no what it is like until they step in my shoes". I think it is all about the money. You hang in there. I am from TX., I know exactly how you feel.:smackingf :smackingf
  7. by   banditrn
    Unfortunately, my current employer pays more than most in the area. Fortunately - for me, anyhow, I'm at a place in my life where money doesn't have to be the no. 1 priority.

    The state will be in soon for a survey, and I suspect that some of the poor staffing won't be an issue during that time.

    I gave them 4 weeks notice, but if the new place does decide to hire me, I'm going to amend that to two weeks.
  8. by   Simplepleasures
    OMG!! One thread after another about work conditions in LTC facilities, I THANK the LORD ABOVE that I out of the dungeons.For all of you poor souls out there still in the swamps, have courage, fight the good fight and UNIONIZE! Nothing will change until we do it ourselves.