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Interested in knowing how many of you have been terminated from LTC for speaking up for your rights and the rights of your residents? I was recently terminated. I was an "at will employee." The... Read More

  1. by   Balder_LPN
    Quote from michelle126
    As far as calling in sick when you are, its like that everywhere. What was in your plan of corrections as far as employees working when sick. I'm very curious. If it has something about not letting sick employees work, I'd be curious as to what your state agency would say if they knew that your old faciliy wasn't really following thier POC
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    I dont ever think you be vindictive about these things (ie retaliation because you where fired), but in this case you are talking about proper care for your patients
  2. by   RondaS
    What is an AT will employer??
  3. by   jodyangel
    An at-will employee can be fired at any time, for any reason.
    Many employers take pains to point out, in their written policies, applications, handbook, job evaluations, or other employment-related documents, that their employees work at will. If you are currently employed, look through your employment documents -- particularly those you have signed -- to see whether any of them mention at-will employment. If you have signed a document agreeing that you are an at-will employee, that's the end of the story. Nothing that your employer says or does will change your at-will status if you have signed an agreement to that effect.
    If you have not signed an at-will agreement, check your employee manual or other written workplace policies -- do they state that you can be fired at any time? That you can be fired without cause? Even if your employer does not use the term "at will," statements that you can be fired without a good reason are indications that your employer follows an at-will policy.
    On the other hand, some employers have written policies that require good cause to fire, provide an exclusive list of reasons for which employees can be fired, or otherwise provide employees some job protections. If your employer has adopted these kinds of policies, you are entitled to rely on them.
    Has your employer made any statements, either during the hiring process or after, indicating that you will be fired only for good cause? For example, an employer might say, "You'll always have a home here as long as you do a good job," or "We never fire an employee who's performing well." In this situation, especially if the comments have been made repeatedly and/or were a big reason why you took the job, your employer may not be able to fire you at will.
    On the other hand, if you are told during the hiring process or afterwards that you will be an at-will employee, your employer will certainly rely on that statement as proof that it reserved the right to fire you for any reason, if you are terminated and take legal action against your employer.
    Sucks huh?
    I was wrongfully fired and could do nothing about it even when the DON basically admitted it was wrong.
    I think from now on, I'll keep my mouth shut. blah
  4. by   Serenity USVI
    Quote from RondaS
    What is an AT will employer??
    I was an "at will employee." Like I believe I stated earlier I have never ever been fired or the fancy terminolgy of todays' work world "terminated" from a job. I have had numerous jobs throughout my lifetime. It really has messed with my world.

    Thank-you for asking. I don't believe I am going back into nursing. As much as I loved my geriatric patient's(although there were some that were very abusive) both physically and verbally, I am going to work in a woman's clothing store. Of course the pay will be considerably less, but at least there will no longer be the fear of being sued, due to the fact there is not enough staff to take care of all of these people, and management could care less. The state survey should tell management that we need more staff. We had people that fell, and they literally died due to the complications from their fall. This was more than a one time occurrence.

    But, now the Facility that I was terminated from, which is supposedly non-profit just spent $600,000 on a very small parcel of land adjacent to this facility. In a recent newpaper article about this purchase it claims the money came from revenues generated by Medicaid and Medicare. Does anybody know if Government funded monies can generate revenues? Sounds fishy to me!

    All, I have ever done in my nursing career is LTC other than some Home-Health Care Private Duty, which I truly loved. I am too old to put up with all of the Bull, and I can not even imagine working in a hospital setting after all these years! LTC was not like how it is now when I first started working as a nurse. I actually had some time to spend with my patient's and talk to them. Now, it is only after they die and I read their obituary do I know anything about them. Truly sad! I just give up!

    All I know is that I do not want my elderly parent's to ever go into LTC, and hopefully by the time I am old, there has been numerous changes for the better. But, I cannot see that happening anytime soon!

    And, if any of you other nurses who are in management or state inspector's could you please assist me in getting my hands on the State Survey resuslts, and the facilities plan of correction. Thank-you very much!
  5. by   Keysnurse2008
    Quote from serenity usvi
    interested in knowing how many of you have been terminated from ltc for speaking up for your rights and the rights of your residents?

    i was recently terminated. i was an "at will employee." the reason given for my termination was i lacked 2.7 hours of pto time when i called in sick, because i was up all night puking my guts out.

    i truly believe i was terminated because i am very outspoken when it comes to working short. i am not only concerned for my nursing license, but for the welfare of the resident's. i made this known to the management on numerous occasions. do you think they would come in and help when we are short nurse's? absolutely not!!! and i was told so by the don and the adon!

    so, the end result. i was terminated. so, now my nursing colleagues are even working shorter than prior to my termination! great nursing care!

    has this happened to any of you?

    i do know that i would never have my elderly parent's ever enter this facility. not that we all do not try to give the best of care. but, it is an impossible task.
    i am sorry to hear this.....you said you feel the underlying issue was your outspokeness? how "close" to the time of your termination was ...the last time you had made complaints re t issues?how long had you worked there? how many times have you called in sick in say...the last 6 months?
  6. by   steelcityrn
    Its easy to pass your inspection when those doing the inspections turn a subtle ear and eye to what really goes on in some of these facilities. One place I go into had not soap in any room, no clean towels. Not one tube of butt paste to be had with a bunch of incontinent patients that you could smell were in much need of a bath and diaper change. How about cold food and sour milk? I think I have seen it all. Problem is these stupid inspectors call and tell these horrible places when they are coming? Its a shame, another nurse out of practice because of caring for their patients that much.
  7. by   RondaS
    If you want to know the results of a state survey go to this website and down at the bottom to the right it says compare local nursing homes in your area. You should be able to find it there. I found ours.

  8. by   Shell5
    I was just terminated for the exact things mentioned in other posts; sent letters to legislators re: how bad our elderly are treated. I even invited one of these lawmakers to come and visit our nursing home or step into the nearest state run nsg. home. You think he did? I bet not.
    Well, I am kinda glad to be outta there. I did get an excellent reference letter from my administrator about a week before I was terminated.
    The stress got to me and we were always short staffed here in central Texas. I continued to complain and complain until I couldn't complain anymore. I believe they wanted me to quit, but I didn't. They terminated me this week. My administrator told me, "You can't fight this!" I think he thinks because we are an "at will" state that I can't try to get unemployment until I find another job or that I won't try to fight it, he is wrong.
    They terminated me for not doing 11-7 chemsticks. I had just worked 16 hours the day/evening shift before and just got in at 0700 and the 11-7 nurse did not do her chemsticks out of anger, so 2 LVN's ended up doing them while I made the schedule for the day, and was beside myself because of some other things. Anyway, my bosses are saying because I didn't do the chemsticks that I am terminated.
    I know this is just an excuse to get me out of there because I am ethical and outspoken. I won't and haven't turned a blind eye to things going on. After I had wriitten, via email, several notes to my bosses re: issues we were having, short staffing, roaches, not enough red barrels for out C-Dif patients, etc., etc. I was terminated and that is the real reason.
    Well, on to better things now. I am soooooo glad to be outta there. I just hate it that my patients are suffering as a result of the poor care.

  9. by   worstnurse1
    That's funny that people are trying to sell you insurance LOL!!!
    I was let go for reporting pt abuse. They say you are protected against retaliation, I beg to differ. They would not even accept anonymous reporting, I finally went in person. Also, several other staff members were witness to abuse and they were let go or offered hush deals. The nursing homes are really bad. If it were to happen again, I would have been better off to beat the crap out of the nurse that was abusing people!! LOL
  10. by   worstnurse1
    I agree with steel city THE INSPECTORS CALL AHEAD . What morons!! the nurse that was abusing people knew they were coming and she went by the book. Just like surveys, they are pre warned and BINGO!! Staff is running around trying to make all the wrongs look right (temporarily) I say if ya do it right all the time , no need to worry!!
  11. by   sd90mac
    I realize this is an old thread, but a comment made by 2 posters caught my attention. In all the years I have worked in LTC in Florida, I have never seen or heard of the the surveyors calling ahead to tell the facility they are coming. I work in Fort Myers Fl, and we have the toughest district in the state. I worked for 25 years in Pinellas County and do not recall them calling first. I do agree with the statement that if we stay ready there is no need to scramble at the last minute.
    Retaleation (?sp) firings do happen, I do not agree with them, but they do. I have always felt nurses should tell it like it is to the administration, and darn the torpedoes. I have fought for years for resident rights, and fought against abuse, I've seen nurses fired unfairly,and seen some who should have been fired or never hired. Observations, not answers.
    Unions in Florida do not work for the CNA's or Nurses. They collect the dues, and that's about it. Not like thy are up North. Been there, done that, fired the CNA for abuse, and the union demanded she be rehired because I did not get a picture of the "aleged" red hand print on her face. Done

  12. by   sophie62401
    Did you ever say you'd call the state? That'll make them find a way to terminate you. I hope you HAVE called the state on them. When they don't listen to your legitimate complaints, you have the right and obligation to notify they next in line....and if you've gone through coroporate, then the state is next. (Unless the complaint is so serious that you just bypass corporate and go straight to the state). The surveyors will let your DON know who spoke with them (even if they don't do it outright, they do it). You can always call in the complaint anonymously. If it was res abuse, they would be there within about 3 days. If it's not an emergency, they'll take up to a month (Illinois).
  13. by   vloho
    I was terminated b/c I refused to take responsibility for 110 pt. then at another place I was told "well you know what you can do about it" when I worked in a total pt care place & had 8-10 pt.I allowed another nurse to take over sending out a pt that had screemed allnight in pain b/c she had fallen out of bed& 3 RN's [sorry] were to over worked during the night. Of course the day started out poorly any way .One nurse came up to the 7/3 supervisor saying "I found this pill ina pt's bed , She told the nurse the pt was mine and that I needed to make an IR. I had not even gotten re port yet. the pill was from night shift,and this nurse was an RN. Needless to say the RN left with out doing an IR . Sorry I'm just not impressed any more Being the extra pair of hands impresses me more than letters behind a name.