1. I am majorly stressed. Just started a new post with a home closer to my house - big mistake as once more I have succombed to working for a corporate monster and I am seriously overworked. Before I begin my rant, lets say that the unit manager has complained about staffing and got told there is no way we can have 2 nurses on together! What a joke:-
    Day 1 - supposed to be my induction but the unit manager called in sick. Had to work with a nurse from another unit who did not know ours. Did not know to put feeds up at certain times so most went up late. Meds took three hours in morning and 1 hour lunch and dinner. 1hr break in 12hr shift.
    Day 2 - unit manager back but has back log of work from incompetent nurse I was replacing. Drug trolley key then breaks inside the lock of the trolley and we have to dismantle the damn thing. Cue running up and down the stairs with individual medications - drugs take ages, writing up takes hours, dressings take ages and we run out of giving sets for PEG feeds. 30min break in 12 hr shift.
    Day 3 - last day shadowed. Drug trolley still broken so still giving all upstairs meds seperately (17 residents up and 20 down). Health care worker off so we have to give meds to her residential patients too. One man hospitalised and one man returns from hospital. The usual big wad of paperwork. 4 dressings and 3 PEGS. 30mins break in 12hr shift.
    TODAY - aaaaaaaargh, student nurse makes drug error, resident falls ill, the usual list of dressings, PEGS and drug orders. Morning meds don't finish until 12noon! I got 10min break in 12 hours and did not get that until 2 hours before finished! I had one pee break and drank 300ml fluid all day. The stress brought on 3 nosebleeds. I SHOULD BE A PATIENT BY NOW!

    I have had very little contact with the residents all day, I did not come into nursing to be a machine!
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  3. by   Pompom
    Sounds like your job is dangerously understaffed. If it were me I would find another job and give notice immediately.
  4. by   banditrn
    Oh gosh, that's almost giving me a nosebleed just reading it. Yeah, start looking, altho from what I can tell, these places are becoming more of a trend.
  5. by   Lovin' my job!
    Yup, find another job. You won't be able to function effectively or safely. Yes, you'll find another job. But sadly--these pts will still be there receiving inadeqate, unsafe medical attention. Leaving the problem doesn't make that problem go away. (that's not your fault, don't get me wrong.) I wish there was a way to change these facilities! That place sounds horrific.
  6. by   Simplepleasures
    I bet you are getting sick of hearing me say this ,UNIONIZE!
  7. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    You're in Belfast? Are their big corporate for-profit facilities in the UK?
    I thought they were all NHS.