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  1. Hello everyone, 2 quick questions!
    First, I am a new RN supervisor at a SNF. It is chaotic, which I expected, but the worst part is the phones! Once the receptionist leaves at 430pm I am stuck answering all phone calls (I work evening shift). The other nurses are busy passing meds and the CNAS are busy. Sometimes it is the pharmacy, lab etc but sometimes it is just, "please transfer me to room 501". I have mentioned the need for a receptionist many times, nothing changes. It is making me lose my mind
    Second, as a new nurse I am aweful at IV starts. I always try, but get about 25%. Should I try phlebotomy class? I have little kids at home so very hesitant to sign up for a class, but I really need to improve. Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   middleagednurse
    Ask your manager why they they are paying an RN to answer the phone. You should be doing RN stuff. They can pay someone a lot less to answer the phone.
  4. by   Kallie3006
    On IV's practice, practice, practice. Try looking up some you tube videos for tricks
  5. by   mander
    And their argument would be that they are paying you to be a nurse AND answer the phone.

    I would add that family members are unhappy you have to suddenly step out or you are being interrupted during assessments and this poses a risk to make an error.

    What if you were trying to start an IV and the phone rang?

    Does it ring overhead and bother the residents and interrupt their home-like setting?
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Keep track of any overtime you incur because you are pulled away from nursing duties to answer the phone. If it has to do with $$, you might be successful. IV's...practice is the only way to get better at them.
  7. by   Carrie_RN
    Does your SNF contract with an IV therapist that comes in when you're unsuccessful with your stick? If so, try and go into the room with her, and have her either help you, or, watch her to learn from her. I had the same problem working SNF and it's just part of the job. Not a lot of opportunity to practice. I had way more PICCs.