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:uhoh3: We have NO feeding assistants at my facility. Feeding patients is one thing (not my favorite thing, but understand it's part of the job - there just aren't enough CNA's and the LPN is... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from jkaee
    Very true....I remember my hospital days.....running around waitressing, plus having to check my IV's, hang blood, draw labs, etc etc. I'd go back to hospital nursing, but I absolutely hate Med/Surg (always have, always will) But for now, LTC is where I'm at. We all work hard, in every setting! I just wish admin would get it thru their heads that we're not here to "serve", and start hiring extra people that could do all that stuff for the patients. Not budget friendly, I guess.

    I agree! Except that using RNs to do jobs that can and should be done by lesser paid staff is penny wise and dollar foolish on the part of admin.

    Where I work, RNs use "dollies" to move heavy boxes of supplies, we empty the trash, mop the floors, etc. The other day, two other RNs and me were staying late to clean up. There is no housekeeping.

    I was thinking- having three RNs do the janitorial work probably costs the facility about $100./hr.

    Real stupid.
  2. by   MR. DJ
    what's mds? do you need an rn license to do it? is it better than bedside nursing?

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    [font=franklin gothic medium]well, that is nice. however, we seem to have enough cnas to do the hygeine and personal care while the lpns give out the medications, do treatments, and chart notes....and i (as a unit manager) am learning how to do mds and pris, making sure all the paperwork is done, i&as are investigated or the careplans updated, talking to families and the doctors, rounding and picking up orders, etc. after all, i am responsible for that too. in other words, i do have work to do...not sit and read magazines. i also hope the nurses' aides are not reading magazines except on a break. i am not currently working in acute care, although i have very recently been working in acute care and am very familiar with how things go with primary nursing. we do/did have cnas and techs even in primary care settings. it is not that it is beneath me, but it's not part of my job description right now. however, there is one rn that currently does man the feeding room at lunchtime in my facility.
  3. by   CapeCodMermaid
    MDS= Minimum Data Set. It's a comprehensive assessment used in LTC with both short and long term residents. For Medicare PPS patients, you must do an MDS on day 5, day 14, day 30, 60 etc until they are off Med A. All long term residents have an MDS done quarterly. The PPS MDS is how we get paid for what we do for the Medicare A resident. It can be a great job if you are well organized and can work well with your therapy department.
  4. by   Jailhouse RN
    As an RN you are supposed to be able to do the job of all those who work under you.
  5. by   Destinystar
    its one of those issues i have often wondered about. seems logical that cleaning up after the patients eat could easily and be done by the housekeepking staff and or the kitchen staff. the facility could have 3 of those people do it for what an rn gets an hour so it is a waste of money. an rn needs to be freed up to do rounds on pts. that are not in the dining room, etc. where i come from we always had a licensed nurse in the dining room in case someone choked and had all staff who were able assist the residents with eating. i would agree with you having us clean up the tables is the straw that breaks the camels back. like is busing tables in your job description, who told you to do it??? maybe you should bring this to someones attention that they must have made a mistake because you applied for an rn position not a table busser. why should they stop there maybe they could use you in the maintenance department (lol) all joking aside from a technical stand point the facility is not supposed to add your hours into nursing if you are not using them to provide direct pt. care. the last time i looked busing tables was not considered a nursing function.
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    we have no feeding assistants at my facility. feeding patients is one thing (not my favorite thing, but understand it's part of the job - there just aren't enough cna's and the lpn is passing meds)---but lately i've been busing the tables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyone else have to do this? i don't feel it's part of an rn's job to be cleaning up the dining area.

    thought ltc would be a "vacation" from the stress of acute care--it's more stress than acute care ever was....

    looking seriously for work in a doctor's office. don't care anymore about the lower pay, inferior benefits, etc.....