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This is becoming a bigger and bigger problem, and I'm not sure what to do about it. First, I had the 'wanderer' who would get up as soon as nite shift came on - days swore she wasn't sleeping... Read More

  1. by   banditrn
    Quote from lovingtheunloved
    Be careful assuming that they aren't being involved during the day. You're not there, you don't know that for sure, and assuming it and reporting it to whoever can at very least, cause some unecessarily hurt feelings.
    My aide at nite also picks up during the day - she has seen it, as have I. The other nite nurse picks up days, and sees it. I'm not making 'wild' accusations.

    I was told last nite that they found that the 'wanderer' had been collecting other folks dentures in her nite stand. And as I've said before, the DON refuses to put any more staff on at nite to help.

    I'm just afraid that something is going to happen that we're going to be held responsible for. I mentioned earlier about 'the wanderer' taking the LOL for a walk? The LOL usually requires at least 1 of us to help her - what if she gets her up, and she gets hurt?

    They've tryed body alarms on these ladies, and no matter how demented they are, they seem to be able to figure them out in no time!
  2. by   banditrn
    Quote from hassled
    We used to have one lady roll bandages and another one to fold bibs. It didn't always help but one lady used to empty her wardrobe and pack her case every morning because she was going home. We eventually locked her cupboard doors and placed her clothes in another wardrobe. The good thing was though she was stable on her feet and would shower herself safely and always make her own bed. We also tried getting one of the staff to read to another lady and it worked for a while although with less staff it is a problem. One of the men patients used to accompany another AIN on pad rounds. Might help as they feel they're important then. The trouble was that so many of them with sundowners and alzheimer's used to lead busy lives and they miss the activity.
    "E", the wanderer, is still able to do some things, altho, when you leave her, she'll follow you into other people's rooms - enough of our people are with it, and just don't want her in there.
  3. by   banditrn
    Hurrah!!! The DON finally intervened in this situation and told the other shifts that they had to keep the 'girls' up during the day! So last nite they all slept very well. And we were able to get our work done!!

    I put a note in the communications book this morning thanking them all for their efforts.
  4. by   all4schwa
    this is why nursing is 24 hours a day. sometimes it's nice when they're all up, they start entertaining each other!!
  5. by   Simplepleasures
    As a LPN that worked on Alzheimer /dementia units for 27 years, I would say that being up all night is oh so typical ,get used to it.IF you have enough staff it does not need to be a problem, on eon one attention is needed at times , but often not feasable due to poor staffing, that is also oh so typical.