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  1. About charting, I come on the floor halfway thru first shift, nurses are super busy doing treatments and meds, so, I am asked to go to the units and chart for them, on their findings, etc all the while I am going on the information the nurses provide for me to chart(written on report) about general findings, ongoing skin issues, etc. Also, LSC and BSP but I try to zip around and listen for that myself too. I dont feel that comfortable with this, but it seems they want me there help out at the end of first shift and charting is the only thing left that has to be done. That and a few tratments which I do too, and chart on my findings. Do I refuse to chart for the other nurses? What is the right thing to do here?
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  3. by   Halinja
    They want you to do THEIR charting? Charting is a legal record. If I didn't do it or see it, I am NOT going to chart it. Wow. What a legal fiasco that would be in court.

    I'm still just a student (10 weeks to go!!!) , but at the stage where I do chart. I'd like to see what more experienced nurses say. I think it is wrong for you to chart for someone else, based only on their reports.
  4. by   babynurselsa
    How can you possibly chart other peoples assessments or finding??????
    THis would put you in a very difficult position testifying in court later.
  5. by   fultzymom
    Why can't you take over the floor et let them go do their OWN charting? I would rather do that than do someone else's charting.
  6. by   CoffeeRTC
    No, NO, No. If you didn't see it for yourself or do it yourself you are falsifying info. Why cant you be doing the dressings or treatments when you come in,then they can chart? Sounds like the system needs to be changed.
  7. by   nrsang97
    I agree with the others. NO WAY will I chart unless I see it for myself. Ask them to do their own charting and see if there are some meds to pass instead or a treatment you could do.