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Be honest many LTC nurses out there pre-pour their meds??? You know that anything you can do to save a little time helps. I am 1-11 nurse with 42 residents, 3 CNA's and a 3-9 float who does... Read More

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    Quote from suebird3
    I know that we are going to get our butts kicked, but been there, done that! I was one of 2 nurses on 3-11, and we both had 60 patients. (Heck, on 11-7, I was the only nurse for all 120 people! ) These people had sooooo many meds, pre-pouring was a must. There is NO WAY I can pass all those pills in 2 hours. It meant 2 minutes per patient. And if I worked the "heavier" side,I had to put off my 5 pm bolus feeding until AFTER I got done with meds. What can I say?
    I work with a computerized medication system and pre pouring saves about
    2 minutes per patient standing in line(I work on a psyche ward). If you don't
    prepour there is no assurance that the medication will be in the patients drawer.
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    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    I'm starting to think that PHTLS is a professional turd stirrer. Read his posts on other threads...he takes every chance he can to belittle LTC and the nurses who work there.
    You don't know nothing about me, kid. Don't make assumptions.

    Belittle? please. I'm speaking that damn truth. Maybe if you have more experience, you'd understand.

    As for the turd comment? Well... let's just say it's good thing this is an internet get me? civilian?
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    P...I'd put my experience (and IQ I might add) against yours any day. (...and it's probably the ONLY thing you'd have against you given your attitude)(double entendre intended)...and, please, don't make threats. It only shows what a bully you are, and we all know bullies are just insecure people.
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    OMG this PHTLS person is obnoxious! Get over yourself! I have worked in LTC & acute hospitals, and have never pre-poured meds! When I worked the floor, I developed a routine. In LTC, you have the luxury of knowing how your residents take their meds. To me, pre-pouring is a very very bad habit! ~Robin
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