Pharmacists at LTC/Nursing Homes

  1. Hello! I am a pharmacist, currently interviewing for a position in which I would provide consultant pharmacist services to LTC/Nursing homes. I know that the federal government requires that all patients in nursing homes have a medication review by a pharmacist monthly. Do any of you have any input to share about pharmacists who work in your facilities or about the impact they do or don't make on patient care? Do you find them helpful? Obnoxious? Invisible? Do they solve issues or create more of them? I've never worked in this setting before and am curious as to any perspectives you can offer! Thank you!
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  3. by   amoLucia
    A good pharmacist is a godsend!!!

    But the pharmacist is a CONSULTANT; your scope goes just so far in that you can only WRITE recommendations. It is the physician, NP or PA who writes orders and sometimes they do DECLINE to follow your recs. And they CAN DO THAT, altho they should document/justify their decision

    Please DO NOT put nsg in the middle to act like a referee because we can't make them write orders for your recs any more than you could.

    When I worked, I loved all the pharms. They always had the most up-to-date info re federal & state regs (even when we hadn't heard them yet). They could give us the scoop about how other NHs fared during their most recent surveys. I was always able to ask any questions.

    I also found that some pharms could become my ally to effect change when I was hitting the wall with a problem. Sometimes I could identify an issue and s/he would just pick it up to deal with it for me! A great ally to pick brains with.

    The pharms used to provide a short mock med pass with the staff and they could offer invaluable info. One pharm even came in a little bit early to spot check with my 11-7 staff. They also provided in house inservices, esp re NARCOTICS COUNT & DIVERSIONS. (One pharm was a retired State forensics pharm and the stories he told us about the cases he investigated could make your hair curl!)

    Just FYI - I think you might be asked to attend facility in-house quarterly meetings and to provide a report, esp re your med error report reviews. We don't want to make errors, so be a resource.

    I do have a request --- please, don't be a chart hog! Some pharms used to interfere with nsg's quick access to charts. Please SHARE - we know you need the record like us.

    A second request --- please, help us to make our med passes easier. Not worse. Offer suggestions re med reductions, spacing timing of pills, etc.

    And finally, please be know that LTC nsg staff range from mucho experienced long-time RNs to newbie LPNs and some places utilize med techs' and everything in between. The needs will vary but are all important staff.

    TY for your interest in asking.
  4. by   Emma87
    Thanks very much for such a helpful response!
  5. by   Nascar nurse
    Great response above. My pharm consultant is wonderful, as most have been throughout my 30+ years
  6. by   Oldmahubbard
    I have had good experiences with pharmacists in LTC. A laid back personality is a plus.

    Be sure to read the psych notes, if there are any, before suggesting changes to psych drugs.

    God help you if there is no psych provider in the place. The psych drugs can be horrendous.
  7. by   sallyrnrrt
    I always found my pharmacist consultant, resourceful, an asset