Aloha everybody...The administrator from a LTC facility in my place (oahu,hi) offered me RN job, but first they will train me as a CNA, after that LPN and then RN... She told me that I don't have... Read More

  1. by   achot chavi
    after reading Nurse Hello's response in the Hawaii forum I ammend my advice- get their offer in writing, and run it by a lawyer to ensure that you will be a practicing RN with appropriate salary within 3 months. Normally I would say wait for a better offer, but I dont know your circumstance and if you can afford to be choosy, sometimes a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, but keep sending out those resumes.
  2. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    What makes me nervous is the statement that they can't afford you. I don't know but to me that screams financial problems. I mean, I could understand if they said they can't afford your current pay, but got some what close to $28. But to go all the way down to $19.50??? (at full time is an ~ $18,000/year pay cut) Also when I was in orientation even as a GN, I got paid as an RN. Also remember the standard to which you will be held, as another poster wrote.
  3. by   Slambe3
    I am a new grad RN, BSN in Sioux Falls, SD. And when I applied at LTC facilities they wanted to pay me anywhere from $17.75-$19. I feel like this pay is low. But the pickings are so slim. I feel like I should just take any offer that comes my way. What do you guys think?
  4. by   achot chavi
    depends on how badly u need the job and I assume there is nothing better out there