Nurse to Resident ratio

  1. Hi everyone, new to the site. I am currently in LTC, have worked this area before and enjoy it, However I'm a little concerned about nurse to resident ratio at my facility and was hoping for some feedback on what other nurses may be experiencing. I am night charge and I am the only nurse in the building responsible for 100- 104 residents. I give all prn's and some scheduled meds, as well as having to do everything else a nurse does. I have spoke with the powers that be about the situation and they do not seem concerned at all. I myself am very concerned, but it seems I have no recourse. Any advice would be helpful.Thanks!
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  3. by   Simplepleasures
    Even without knowing the acuity of the patients in your facility, I say why would you put your liscence at such risk? ANYTHING can go wrong. No amount of money they are paying you could be worth this, think of it, your earning potential as a nurse can be taken away from you for the rest of your life and even worse, the DOJ is now prosecuting nurses with criminal negligence.You will be the sacrificial lamb if and when something happens, dont think for a minute that your facility will back you up.
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  4. by   RN 4 Life
    Am I clear by assuming you are an RN with no other LPN's, GNAs, or any one else? Are all the residents on one floor or one unit?

    Well the staffing I am used to seeing is:

    RN Supervisor- 1-170 residents w/ other staff [LPN & GNA]
    LPN- Day 30 residents/ Eve- 30 residents/ Night- 40-60 residents
    GNA- Day 8-11/ Eve- 12-15/ Night- 12-17

    Hope this helps.
  5. by   Hopeslayer
    Wow, that is way to much for any one nurse. The facility i work at has 3 floors, sub-acute (35 beds), altzheimers (50beds), and long term(40 beds). I have worked primarily the 11-7 shift since becoming a nurse and I assure you, only one of those floors at a time is more than enough work. I could not imagine trying to care for two floors at once, never mind three.
  6. by   4everlearning
    Thank you all for replying, to answer some of the questions, I am an LPN, no RN on site on the premises on nights. The acuity level varies vastly. The payscale is lower than what I am used to. The halls ( 60 some odd one on wing, 60 on the other) are not connected. I can't go into detail of course, but I will say it is a growing corporation and the staffing situation is the norm for them. I have spoken to several other nurses from different facilities affiliated with this company, and the story is pretty much the same. As luck would have it, I am in a situation at the present time where I am not able to go elsewhere due to transportation issues. I log quite a bit of overtime just trying to document and cover myself as much as possible, frustrating and scary for me and those I have pledged to take care of. Thanks for letting me vent!
  7. by   marjoriemac
    :uhoh21: Jeez! The worst ratio I have ever worked is 1 nurse to 30 residents and that was bad enough. Now my worst is 1 nurse to 25 on late shift or night shift only, always 2 nurses on in the morning and we usually have more as our nurses can get paid nursing wage to do carers job if we are short staffed.
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    104 residents and one licensed person?!?!? Holy Moly Batman!! My home has 40 residents at the most for one licensed person on 11-7 on both the longterm and dementia units. Our subacute unit which is 40 beds and has about 20 subacute patients has 2 nurses 11-7.
  9. by   nurseangel47
    Have worked LTC in several different LTC facilities. Usual ratio has been one nurse to 28 to 30 residents. This is for skilled nursing facility. Hope this helps.
  10. by   4everlearning
    yep.. shocked me too, this is a skilled facility, affiliated with the hospital, so we get anything and everything in there. I'm in the process of trying to find some ratios that pertain to my state and hand that to them.. kind of at a loss. The stress is really starting to kick in. I appreciate the feedback everyone, thanks!
  11. by   fultzymom
    WOW! What a huge nurse to patient ratio. At my LTC/SNF we have 26 pts on the skilled unit with 2 nurses on days/evenings et 1 nurse at night. On the first Alsheimer's unit we have 26 pts et one nurse for days et one for nights. Then on the other, we have 50 residents with two nurses on days/evenings et one at night. On the LTC floor we have 50 residents with 2 nurses in the day/evenings et one at night. Then there are also the CNA's there to help also. I can not imagine being the only one with 100 or more pts!
  12. by   4everlearning
    Another night, hopefully it goes well. Maybe I'll just go back into med/surg... unfortunately the same company owns that too. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers i'm gonna need it.
  13. by   RN 4 Life
    I agree, I would get out!!! Dont loose your license by working in these conditions... this is CRAZY!!! Please quit! You have worked 2 hard to become a nurse to give it all up! Start looking you can give your 2 weeks tomorrow.
  14. by   4everlearning
    Thanks RN 4 Life, I'm looking into that now. I just wish I could somehow save the next Nurse that unwittingly walks into this place.