new to site looking for activity info

  1. Hi my name is Tabby and I'm new to the world of activitys director and I would love any help that you all can give me.

    Thanks a lot
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  3. by   sirI
    hello and to

    great to have you with us. enjoy the forums.
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
  5. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Welcome to the site and to your new job, Tabby! It takes a special person to ensure that these old dears have fun on a daily basis (sorry, assuming you're working in long-term care).

    I've never worked activities myself but do know that the job is much harder than it looks. What I can tell you is try to be patient with the nursing staff; I've had more than one occasion where I'd have to pull a resident from an activity, not so much because it's a convenient time for me, but because they require a procedure that has been ordered for a particular time. I know this annoys the activities people, but sometimes it can't be helped. Personally, I always make a point to apologize for the interruption and return the resident to his/her fun as soon a possible, but you may find some nurses or CNAs will just come in and take them without so much as a "by your leave." These people aren't trying to be mean, they're just trying to get their jobs done in a stressful work environment.

    You can also utilize the staff; when you're new to a place, you don't know each individual's habits, likes/dislikes, diet restrictions, etc. and it can be pretty overwhelming. If you have a stable staff, your nurses and CNAs are a great resource.

    Sorry I can't be more specific as far as particular activities...I did find a pretty neat website that lists some ideas:

    Good luck to you; you are in such a rewarding field.
  6. by   tmeese
    Thank you all and the activity professional site was very helpfull. just to tell you a little about me I have been in long term care for all most 10 year as a cna. I have two kids and a wonderfull husband. I'm in Portland Oregon so if any one from that area and know of any good entertament or pet therapy please let me know.


  7. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Hey, Tab...I'm in PDX too! I'll ask around. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll respond with any leads.
  8. by   CapeCodMermaid
    "....these old dears"????? sounds rather condescending.
  9. by   Cute_CNA
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    "....these old dears"????? sounds rather condescending.
    I don't think it's meant to be insulting, perhaps more a term of endearment.
  10. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Quote from Cute_CNA
    I don't think it's meant to be insulting, perhaps more a term of endearment.
    I would find it condescending, demeaning, and insulting, but then again, I was raised to be extremely polite and always refer to my patients/residents as Mr or Mrs unless they specifically ask me to call them something else.
  11. by   Simba&NalasMom
    Nope, of course I didn't mean for it to sound condescending. I am always extremely polite when dealing with residents and I feel them out before I presume to use terms of endearment such as "Sweetie"...not that I should have to justify myself on a message board.
  12. by   dawnb70
    I'm not an Activity Director, but where I work we have a wonderful person running our activity program. She's had great success with Pet Therapy. The residents love it. Bingo is the most popular. We have it Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. Many of the residents also respond well to music therapy. We have students from the Cosmetology class come and do nails for all the women. They love it. I think having a full schedule and lots of variety really improves the resident's outlook. Best of luck to you!