MDS Job Offer-Need Advice

  1. Due to a bad state review regarding MDS tags I was offered the job of MDS Coordinator. I am meeting with the DON tomorrow to discuss this....

    My question is....what questions should i be asking her in regards to the job I have been doing some extensive research about what will be required of me and I don't have a fear yet of my ability to do this job....

    i guess mostly what I am wanting to know is what i should request as far as pay...should i salary or much pay and how many hours...etc etc.

    Info: LPN 2 years
    CNA 3 years
    Arkansas License
    100 bed facility with approx 15 medicare

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  3. by   Bird2
    Try to stay away from salary. If you are salary you will lose any chance of overtime. I would ask if they plan on pulling you to the floor when they are short. If you are pulled and you have to submit who will cover your MDS's or will you be stuck at your facility for long hours trying to get your regular work done.
  4. by   beaglelover
    I agree, try to stay hourly. It can be an awesome task. Also due to the citations, you may have a lot of cleaning up to do. Is there anyone who is going to assist you? If there is someone helping with assessments, RAPS, and careplans be sure you have a good working relationship with them. Its also very much a team effort. What kind of citations did the facility receive?
  5. by   CoffeeRTC
    Go to Wonderful website with a discussion board of MDS nurses and others involved in the process.

    Ask your DON about training and support. Find out what the tags were and what they involved. Will you have help or be responsible for everything?

    Definatly try to stay hrly.

    Will you be pulled to work the floor? Have to take call? What about working hrs?
  6. by   CapeCodMermaid
    been there, done that and agree with the other posters who say start hourly. My friend is an MDS coord. as well...she's salaried and works 50-60 hours a week for 40 hours pay.
    The easiest way to fix an MDS tag is find the specific mistake they cited,and submit a corrected MDS. THe tags should be specific enough that you'll know which ones need fixing. We got tagged one year on 6 MDS...2 long term and 4 PPS ones because we had a new horrible MDS person. We cleared the tag easily by submitting corrected ones - the MDS person had already been fired for a multitude of things, but that was also part of our plan of correction..that and telling them that the corportation had devised a competency test for anyone doing MDS's. Good luck.
  7. by   Harleygirl
    I did MDS when I was DON for a short time (43 bed facility) and it was a lot for me to do, we had 4 SNF at the time. The SNF's are what really need the extra double check. Your RUG rates are driven soley by that MDS and as other posters have said, it is a team effort. Make sure the staff knows how vitally important it is to code correctly, esp ADL's. And your nursing charting needs to match on ALL LEVELS, i.e. therapy notes matching nurses notes matching CNA charting. A lot of times (and I know this happens everywhere) that the CNA's and nurses will copy what the previous shift coded or charted. You could be missing out on some serious reimbursement if things aren't charted appropriately.

    As for the question regarding salary vs. hourly, GO HOURLY. And I think with the number of beds you have you will probably be doing 10-12 MDS's a week so you will need a 40 hour week to get those completed. And you should NEVER be considered to be pulled to the floor! MDS is a full time job in itself, and you can do floor work, but who is going to do your MDS's for you?

    Good luck, you sound very knowledgeable and prepared for this position. Learn your software and MDS 2.0 book very well. Sometimes they will do an MDS automation update through the state and these are informative regarding transmission, new rules, etc. Attend all the continuing ed you can on MDS's. And as my old nurse consultant used to say regarding care planning, "think outside the box!".

    God bless.
  8. by   silverpilot03
    As recommended: AANAC.ORG, hourly pay with time and a half after 40h, for me 85 long term + 15 med A's require a full time MDS coordinator plus a part timer, "immunity" from being the nurse in "reserve", a reliable computer w/ high speed internet connection for up to date info
  9. by   CapeCodMermaid
    [QUOTE=nursediz]Due to a bad state review regarding MDS tags I was offered the job of MDS Coordinator. I am meeting with the DON tomorrow to discuss this....

    Info: LPN 2 years

    I think the MDS has to be signed by an what happens when there is an LPN coordinator?
  10. by   fluffwad
    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    [I think the MDS has to be signed by an what happens when there is an LPN coordinator?
    The DON or ADON would sign as the coordinator on R2b.
  11. by   Harleygirl
    May I add it is of utmost importance for that RN that signs anywhere on the MDS that they review the MDS before they sign it. Not only is the LPN who did the assessment responsible, so it the RN. CYA.

  12. by   silverpilot03
    Quote from Harleygirl
    May I add it is of utmost importance for that RN that signs anywhere on the MDS that they review the MDS before they sign it. Not only is the LPN who did the assessment responsible, so it the RN. CYA.

    AA9 LPN and IDT members sign the respective sections that they're responsible for, R2b RN signs MDS as complete. A legal and clinical gray area for now in my opinion.
  13. by   fluffwad
    Quote from harleygirl
    may i add it is of utmost importance for that rn that signs anywhere on the mds that they review the mds before they sign it. not only is the lpn who did the assessment responsible, so it the rn. cya.

    i agree, because someone higher up would ask why the coordinator didn't monitor how well the others were doing.......but the regulation actually says:

    these regulations also require the rn assessment coordinator to sign, date and certify that the assessment is complete in items r2a and r2b.[font='times new roman']

    each staff member who completes any portion of the mds must sign and date (at aa9) the mds and indicate beside the signature which portions they completed. two or more staff members can complete items within the same section of the mds. the rn assessment coordinator must not sign and attest to completion of the assessment until all other assessors have finished their portions of the mds. the rn assessment coordinator is not certifying the accuracy of portions of the assessment that were completed by other health professionals.
  14. by   nursediz
    Thanks for all of your advice/support/ and knowledge....I spoke with the DOn and not only will I be doing the MDS/Careplans...but, they teamed me up with a nurse from dayshift ((whoo hoo)). Her and I get along very well and think alot a like..she worked 7a-7p and I worked 7p-7a...we relieved eachother at least twice a week so we know how the other works and thinks. So, that will be good. We were both relieved to find out we would be working together. She has about 6 more years exp on me in the nursing field. But, just as green as me when it comes to MDS. It will be the blind leading the blind for a little bit.

    Right now we are auditing charts to see where the other MDS had left off. Found several areas that were behind that state hadn't tagged. From my understanding....they pulled 10 charts ((i could be wrong...rumor has it you know)) and within those 10 charts they found the tags. If they had pulled all...there would have been more b.c. we found careplans that hadn't been reviewed/updated in 6-12 months and MDS's that had only the 5th day and not the 14th/30th/etc.

    the DON is thinking that we are only going to get a deskreview and is going to put in that the review be on "from here on out" instead of backpeddling. The facility had thier medicare funding cut...for how long, i am not sure. i am guessing until they review us again.

    She (the DON) informed us that we would not be pulled to the floor and we would be hourly. She doesn't have much exp. in MDS, but, the ADON has a lot. So, the ADON is going to meet with us on Monday to show us what we need to knwo for right now. Then, corporate is sending in someone on Tuesday to do an all day inservice for us. Also, I was put in charge of finding a bootcamp that the 2 of us can go to and the DON and ADON are going to go too.

    I think things are going to go very well. The LPN that is going to be doing the MDS with me is just like me. She is very strong willed and determined. I believe that once somebody 'shows me how to do this' then i can do it. What is also good is that the DON and ADON are new....they have only been there a few months and are also strong willed and ready to clean this facility up. So, it is going to be a major team effort.

    :-D I really do appreciate all of you guys replying. You have helped me so much. This was actually my first post and I was amazed by how much input i recieved!