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  1. nursediz

    MDS Job Offer-Need Advice

    You are right. they finished and submitted their POC last week. Some of the corrections were of course replacing the old MDS coordinators with us, a tickler system, dry erase board with list of Medicare MDS due, MDS audits by the ADON, and others.....ya, i am sure they were dreaming of tag #s too...:-P Things are going really well. i have caught up all the past due MDS' for Medicaid and private pay. What type of program do you all use for putting in ur assessments? we use Americana. Not sure if that is a universal program or what....had lots of problems with it today :uhoh21:
  2. OMG, i'm dying. I "thought" it had hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday! I was wrong. I feel like I have been hit by a mack truck...Mucinex isn't helping like it did yesterday...i gotta get in to a doc soon....:- ( that should be easy? *rolls eyes*
  3. Arkansas.... During our stand up meeting this morning we were mulling over the fear of possibly having to quarentine...it was as much an exaggeration as it was a possibility...
  4. This is a question I wanted to pose to all working in the nursing homes or just in general..... We gave our 90 residents flu shots approx 3 months ago....to those that accepted which was the vast majority....also, the vast majority of our employees also accepted the flu vaccine. We had to send out a total of 15 residents over the course of 2-3 days for resp distress/fever/etc to the hospital...almost all with the dx of flu, a couple with URI, and 2 with pneumonia as thier DX. Our employees are dropping like flies with it, staffing supermondo short today...yesterday we saw them coming down with it and of course they looked like death warmed over b4 they left at the end of thier shift. Most of them called in today and the ones that came back today being as sick as they are were sent home. I myself am beginning to come down with it now ....i work in the MDS office and have been so swamped the past few days that I haven't really had much resident contact...and I wash my hands very frequently. Anybody else getting hit like this? Think the flu vacc were bad? Just wondering...b.c. we sent out 15 and probably going to be sending out more over the next few days as their symptoms get worse. We have pharm bring in a large amt of depomedrol so we will have it on hand when it all hits. just wanted your thoughts and to see how other facilities were going.
  5. OH please don't quit nursing b.c. of a bad facility! I have been in and out of nursing homes since I began the whole medical journey....a short stop in PEDS and Post Op Urology...but, mostly LTC....I even at one point thought to myself when i was at a bad facility....'well, i duno why i keep running, all nursing homes are going to be the same'. I was wrong. I found a great one...after only 2 months on the job I was promoted to MDS coordinator. If your DON cannot see that you are doing a good job....well, then poo poo on her..*wink*. Sometimes you have to kiss alot of frogs b4 you find your prince. Another thing...it is SOOO easy to get burnt out at ANY job...regardless of nursing home or what if you are doing back to back doubles. I suggest a new facility..whether it be another LTC or Dr office or whichever way the wind blows ya...just hope you decide to stay on "our" team
  6. nursediz

    EEEEEK! Please Help Me! Losing New Job????

    It really should not be an issue if you have the scripts. Possibly she just wants to talk to you and get some copies of your scripts to put on file. Maybe she can't put you on the floor until she has those scripts in her file with a fax also from your doc stating that he did indeed prescribe those to you. Surely it will all work itself out. I am however, heartbroken for you if this at all imposes on your Christmas celebration...however, if all goes well, as i do believe it will....then you can celebrate ((giftwise)) with your family after your first paycheck. BC lets not forget what Christmas is really about.... Best wishes....
  7. i start my new job as mds coordinator tomorrow. i am so nervous. previously i worked 7p-7a in a snf...tomorrow we ((the other nurse teaming up with me)) settle into our office and audit charts, then on tuesday somebody from corporate is giving us an all day inservice. the don told me to find a bootcamp we could go to. all i have found so far in in vegas. have to approach her about that tomorrow ((hope she goes for it :hatparty: )). if any of you know how i can find these bootcamps, please let me know. i found the codingspecialists site and tey don't really have any upcoming seminars. the one in vegas i found from the anac site. i know i am a hardworker, and i know i catch on to things easily...it is just a little nerve racking to start a new job that you have absolutely nooooo experiece in... fyi--for those of you that don't know.....our 2 mds coordinators got fired after a really bad state review...were'nt doing thier jobs....therefore, one of the day nurses and i were offered the job. anyway, i just wanted to post and i guess get sympathy :chuckle i knew you all would understand my predicament...
  8. nursediz

    Odds of failing NCLEX at 85 ?'s?

    If it is the same in everywhere else as it is in Arkansas...... The number of questions you answer is not the issue...the amount you answer correctly is....in Arkansas, and i am sure in other states....they mix in the "survey" questions...meaning they put questions in there that do not reflect your score at all. they put them in there to test if it would be a good question to put on next years boards. I hope that makes since...i cut off at the bare minimum...which if i remember correctly was 85....and i passed.....Please post your results!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!:icon_hug:
  9. nursediz

    Meds you hate to give....

    ooo, ya that one is tricky....what is worse is habgel....oh man...i was warned about it and sure enough, 4am that morning i went to give it and the last nurse hadn't cleaned off the piston syringe very well and a small amount of it got on me....i immediatley went and washed my hands...i dno if i really had a side effect, or if it was all in my head...but, it felt like the right side of my face went numb and i had a presyncope feeling...
  10. nursediz

    What is the hardest nursing class?

    pharmacology....iv thereapy...yadda yadda yadda....i hated doing the calc's on both. our instructor was "not in the know". most of our classtime was spent with the only male in our class arguing her calculations and her spending the next 30 minutes discussing why she was right....it was awful...i am so glad that so far i haven't had to do much calculations other that give (1/2 tab, or basic match) none of that (dose desired/dose on hand). my hardest class was basic nutrition....mostly the exchange diet....i have been doing this for 2 years and still don't know it...which, thank goodness, i have no reason to do it...:-d that is another thing, some of the stuff you learn in nursing school you will never use....kinda like geometry and algebra in high school...only reason you need it is if you are gonna teach it.
  11. nursediz

    Feeling guilty for poor pt. outcomes...

    If you didn't care...you wouldn't be working the job you are now. It comes with the territory. For every life you feel you have helped 'save' you have several others that you are going to feel like you didn't all you could. I firmly believe that TLC is the best med. It may not save a heartbeat...but, it may revive the soul. I worked in PEDS only 2 months b.c. I could not handle the emotions involved. I saw so many cases of abuse and neglect that it just broke me into. Also, I recall my preceptor having me observe her starting an IV on an 11 month old little boy...tears welled up in my eyes. And, the first time "I" had to start an IV i kept my cool thru it...but, ended up having to go outside in 10 degree weather to calm myself. I ended up resigning after about 3 abuse cases came in within a 8 hour period(one a 6 month old with a fractured skull). Being a nurse that can handle these kind of cases is a VERY compassionate person who knows that the hours they spend with these children is beneficial. I just couldn't shake it off and not take the work home with me. I sincerely hope that you do continue with your plans to go to nursing school. You seem to be a very compassionate person. We each find our own way to cope with situations. You do what any prudent nurse would do in the situation regarding medical treatments etc...then you let your other human side come out. When I was a CNA at a LTC facility I cried softly in front of a family when their mother had died...they embrassed me and said that to see me cry let them know that ppl did care about thier mother at the facility and that made them feel better about thier choice of putting her in a nursing home. You should feel what you want to feel and nothing more and nothing less. Always remember, you yourself do not determine when it is a patients "time to go". That is someone higher who calls those shots. Best of luck!!
  12. nursediz

    Meds you hate to give....

    breathing treatments on alert patients.....ooooommmmmmmmggggggg...they can't talk b.c. they are breathing it in....their room is usually a thousand degrees....watching the lawrence welk show at full blast....and i always stand b.c. i feel lazy if i sit.....oooo the time just draaaaaaaaaaaaaags...
  13. nursediz

    Is this legal?

    (Can't even imagine how this will affect smokers...) Good point...i would probably be out of a job. I do not take my full lunch break. So, I usually go outside for maybe 10 minutes about 4 times a night...that is working 12 hours.
  14. nursediz

    Describe your last day at work in 50 words or less !?

    Audited charts-one read like this from a floor nurse "R was being very ugly c me. I told him he can't be ugly with me b/c i'm his nurse. He kept being ugly with me and said "I'm a grown man, I can do what I want." I gave him 1mg Ativan P.O.---NxNeeds2GoBack2School. seriously, this is what she had charted!!! :yeahthat: She had SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERAL just as bad if not worse. Had to report it to the DON. Not sure of the outcome yet... ~*Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequete. Our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure. That is is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most*~
  15. nursediz

    MDS Job Offer-Need Advice

    Thanks for all of your advice/support/ and knowledge....I spoke with the DOn and not only will I be doing the MDS/Careplans...but, they teamed me up with a nurse from dayshift ((whoo hoo)). Her and I get along very well and think alot a like..she worked 7a-7p and I worked 7p-7a...we relieved eachother at least twice a week so we know how the other works and thinks. So, that will be good. We were both relieved to find out we would be working together. She has about 6 more years exp on me in the nursing field. But, just as green as me when it comes to MDS. It will be the blind leading the blind for a little bit. Right now we are auditing charts to see where the other MDS had left off. Found several areas that were behind that state hadn't tagged. From my understanding....they pulled 10 charts ((i could be wrong...rumor has it you know)) and within those 10 charts they found the tags. If they had pulled all...there would have been more b.c. we found careplans that hadn't been reviewed/updated in 6-12 months and MDS's that had only the 5th day and not the 14th/30th/etc. the DON is thinking that we are only going to get a deskreview and is going to put in that the review be on "from here on out" instead of backpeddling. The facility had thier medicare funding cut...for how long, i am not sure. i am guessing until they review us again. She (the DON) informed us that we would not be pulled to the floor and we would be hourly. She doesn't have much exp. in MDS, but, the ADON has a lot. So, the ADON is going to meet with us on Monday to show us what we need to knwo for right now. Then, corporate is sending in someone on Tuesday to do an all day inservice for us. Also, I was put in charge of finding a bootcamp that the 2 of us can go to and the DON and ADON are going to go too. I think things are going to go very well. The LPN that is going to be doing the MDS with me is just like me. She is very strong willed and determined. I believe that once somebody 'shows me how to do this' then i can do it. What is also good is that the DON and ADON are new....they have only been there a few months and are also strong willed and ready to clean this facility up. So, it is going to be a major team effort. :-D I really do appreciate all of you guys replying. You have helped me so much. This was actually my first post and I was amazed by how much input i recieved! :thankya:
  16. nursediz

    MDS Job Offer-Need Advice

    I appreciate all of your guys input. Another nurse I know and I are teaming up and taking over. We had a meeting today with the DON and ADON and recieved the MDS 2.0 Users Manual and it is the Briggs corp one. What is good is that the DON know that the 2 of us are kind of going into it blindly. Right now we are just auditing the charts and etc. Alot of them haven't had careplans reviewed/updated in 6-12 months...yikes. But, from the DON's understanding...the facility is just going to have a desk review regarding the tags they got from state and we won't be responsible for backpeddling...that we are going to be responsible from the date she submits our plan of change. also, training wise...the ADON has a lot of experience in MDS and is going to give us some training and we have somebody from corportate to come in Tuesday for an all day inservice. They put me in charge of finding a 'bootcamp' to go to.... and, it IS going to be hourly...whoosh....i didn't have to push for that tho thank goodness...it was already set up as hourly. and...without either of us saying anything...she informed us that we would not be pulled to the floor. and i will check out that site you were telling about. :-D I really do appreciate ya'll input...:-D THANKS!