Interventions for Weight Loss

  1. Does anyone have a list of interventions that are used for residents with weight loss? Or, a form I can go by for a resident with weight loss?

    Thank You

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  3. by   mondkmondk
    I usually write a note for the dietician and then fax the doctor all the things we would generally putting them on certain supplements, assessing their appetites and possibly ordering an appetite stimulant, making sure they can chew or swallow well...if diffic, leave a note for speech therapist for swallow study/eval, make sure they are on a multivitamin and start getting daily weights on them until they start gaining and leveling off.

    Now if it is a patient who needs to LOSE weight, that would be altogether different.

    Blessings, Michelle
  4. by   Talino
    Click on this link first http://biomed.gerontologyjournals.or...ull/55/12/M725
    On the right, click on Full Text (PDF) to see the entire document
    It should download automatically, if not, click manual dl

    See pp 4-6 (your browser's) for a clinical guideline (algorithms).
  5. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Daily weights are basically useless for real weight gain and only serve to agitate the resident. I stay away from appetite enhancers or multivitamins...all those pills fill up the stomach till there is no room for food. Try starting the meal with the dessert....usually had lots of calories and the sweet taste stimulates the appetite in some people. And please...don't recommend a Gtube. Quality of life is more important than the length of it.