Incident long does it take to complete one?

  1. and how many pages do you have to do?

    At my facility, they are now computerized. Should be nice and easy, right? bhahahahahwhahahah. They take forever to do. Yes, it is easier if they've had an incident before since some of the basic info is in the system, but it takes a good 45 minutes to complete them now. First you need to be able to get a computer to use, then it takes 5 mintues to long on then after each section you need to save it and that takes for ever to do....ugh!
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  3. by   Asystole RN
    Takes about 10 minutes, single page with mostly drop down selections. We write just the facts so a single paragraph is usually sufficient. The entire hospital's incident reports are circulated every month for review by all the staff, it is very rare to find one longer than a single paragraph.
  4. by   JDZ344
    Ours are online also but it's very simple and easy. 10 minutes, max, from sitting down to standing up.
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  5. by   Daisy_08
    In LTC they were paper, took 10 min. In the hosp they are online they take about 10-20. 45min is way too long!
  6. by   lexibear99
    We have paper, if we don't send them out we have a 1 pg incident report, 2 page fall followup such as what could have been done to prevent, paper to notify the Dr is not serious and charting along with notifying the family. If they go out there is another 1 page form for the state along with all the previous.