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I am a new nurse, have been working at Rehab/LTC for six months. The last four months have been at a great facility: Nurse/patient ratio averages 1:14. My problem: I'm always late finishing my shift,... Read More

  1. by   Ruby Vee
    Quote from beast master rn
    thats very true, one thought ..nursing is primarily a women's game. , and traditionally there is more , how should i say ,drama with a bunch of women vs man (man here) not all the time, but sometimes . so thats something that just comes with the territory, ur gona have to stop giving a **** about what other people think , and prioritize your family and kids , go to work , take care off business and come home to your loved ones
    i really hate that so many nurses . . . even female nurses . . . seem to hate women. drama isn't associated with one gender or the other -- it's some people create drama. some don't. women don't have a corner on **********. drama, "cattiness", gossip or anything else.

    the first year of nursing is difficult -- you'll feel stupid, as though you don't belong (and really, it takes time feel comfortable in any new job) and as though you don't know anything. every new nurse feels that way, and some of us feel that way every time we start a new job. you'll get through it . . . it just takes a year! and then one day things will "click" and you'll realize that you feel like you know what you're doing.
  2. by   KSGMaine
    Being confrontational doesn't help - however, I do think that newbie or not, one always needs to stand up for themselves!! Being a "newbie" I have learned that I need to be an advocate for myself, tell people what I need and to stand up for myself!