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  1. This is a post concerning Covid 19. I work in two hospitals. As we all know patients are now coming to the hospital for non-covid related medical conditions and elective surgeries. Both hospitals I work at are testing admitted patients for Covid 19 and are then sending the patients up to the units (Med Surg, PCU, ICU) pending the test results. The nurses on these units are wearing only the blue surgical masks, as due to the shortage of N95 masks, those are only being provided to nurse working the Covid/rule out Covid units. A few days later some of these patients test results come back as Covid positive. This means that nurses have been exposed to these covid positive patients for multiple shifts. One of the hospitals I work at will not allow us to bring in our own masks. My work around this is I've purchased KN95 masks. I wear a blue surgical mask over the KN95 mask. Management does not have an issue with this because I am complying with their policy to wear their blue surgical mask. Just wanting to help out other nurses as until all nurses working any floor are provided with N95 masks, this is going to be an ongoing issue. I obtain my KN95 masks from this website which is FDA approved and the prices are reasonable and they are not price gouging: www.cleansense.us
  2. telenurse2009

    Travel Nurse Housing in Riverside County

    Thank-you very much for your reply. We ended up buying a house in Murrieta which is within walking distance of Loma Linda University Medical Center. I appreciate the advise!
  3. telenurse2009

    Travel Nurse Housing in Riverside County

    Thank-you very much for your reply. We ended up buying a house in Murrieta which is within walking distance of Loma Linda University Medical Center.
  4. telenurse2009

    anyone work for fonemed?

    Don't bother, the pay is lousy
  5. telenurse2009

    Long Term Care/Rehab Travel Nursing

    Nobody's posted any feedback for me. For those that are reading...I spoke with Core Medical Group and I strongly do not recommend them. Dodge a bullet there.
  6. telenurse2009

    Long Term Care/Rehab Travel Nursing

    I have the opportunity to do Travel Nursing for the first time in Long Term Care/Rehab. I would appreciate any feedback/help. Last year I went to Nevada and worked in a Long Term Care-Rehab Facility i.e. post op 2 days + I was told I would be charge nurse for 21 patients with RPN's giving the meds. I was told my responsibilities would involve admitting 3 patients per night, overseeing the RPN's, giving IV push meds, monitoring IV's if the RPN did not have IV certification, and managing/maintaining all PICC lines. The reality was the following: 90% of the time someone called in sick and instead of 21 patients I would end up being responsible for 42 patients. As a result I would have to do all the admission paperwork/assessments on 5 to 6 patients. They weren't computerized for this and all the admission paperwork/MARS etc was handwritten....i.e. quite time consuming. I was told by the DON that in the event of a staffing shortage the supervisor would take responsibility for 3 admissions....this was not the case...the supervisor did minimal work and no admissions....she had medical problems herself and due to her morbid obesity could not walk 10 feet without becoming SOB. So I would end up working from 6 pm to 9 a.m. to do all of these admissions along with all the other responsibilities I ended up leaving after 5 weeks because the working conditions were unsafe. My questions are: 1. Is this the norm in a Long Term Care Facility in the U.S.? (I am a Canadian nurse with a Nevada and California License) 2. Are alot of the Long Term Care Facilities not computerized where admissions are still handwritten on numerous forms? 3. Do you find that the assignments you are given are the heavier assignments- the ones the other nurses do not want to take on? 4. Can you recommend a travel nursing company? 5. Any thoughts on Core Medical Group? Thanks for your help!
  7. telenurse2009

    I'm not 'getting' this. Should I be RN?

    Report the incident to the DON. If she can't resolve it, look for another job...doesn't sound like its a nice place to work anyway and you deserve to be treated better.
  8. I am a Canadian Nurse with a California License. I have applied for the Nevada License and they will issue it once I obtain a SSN. However, I can't get the SSN until I get a job offer. I am looking for an RN position in a Long Term Care Facility/Nursing Home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone out there know if anyone is hiring, as I'm am searching and cannot find anything. Appreciate any help!
  9. telenurse2009

    Bitter dried up nurses that need to RETIRE

    The problem with your posting is it reaks of ageism, and therefore it is hard to sympathize with your rant....one day you will be 'old' yourself.
  10. telenurse2009

    Anyone work for Fonemed?

    You say the health insurance is expensive. How much is it and do you know what the co-pay is? Thanks for your help

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